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Your Exercises Can Enhance When You First Strengthen Your Thoughts

by Matt Weik

A common reason why many people stop exercising is that they are not mentally prepared for the tireless and strenuous work that needs to be done to achieve the desired results. They think that simply pointing out the results will follow – if only that would have worked! To achieve results, you must be ready to push your body to its limits and strengthen your mind. A strong mind is much stronger than strong muscles. Let me explain.

Your mind is a terrible thing

Today there are so many different training protocols that range from Time Under Tension (TUT), Mind Muscle Connection (MMC) to Train-to-Failure (TTF) and everything in between. While these techniques are all amazing to build high quality muscle mass, your brain can hinder and even limit your results. How can that be when the muscles do the work? It's actually a simple concept if you've previously done resistance training – it's pain and physical exhaustion.

Her muscles will say, "Hey, I'm exhausted." But if you really want to get the best results, you can not hear the signal your muscles are sending to your brain. Now I do not ask you to put yourself in a compromising situation where you can hurt yourself. I say you need to overcome this signal if you really want to break down the muscle fibers and make them grow and repair to get bigger and stronger.

The limiting factor

Your mind can be the limiting factor in giving in to the signals your muscles tell you. With TUT, MMC, TTF you need to strengthen your mind to take full advantage of these training styles. If not, knock off too soon before the muscles are REALLY tired. You have to overcome the pain. Passing the exhaustion. Behind the lactic acid burn deep in your muscle bellies. Once you get used to overcoming this stimulus, you will strengthen your mind and be able to push harder and harder in the gym.

If you do not work to push and train your brain to sense the sensation and signal that it is being received, and push it low to allow you to do a few more repetitions, you are not really strengthening yours Mind and your workouts and results can suffer.

The easy way is to give up and give up. However, if you want to get results and test yourself and your power, you need to strengthen your mind. The gym is not just a place to build your body. They build mental strength, commitment, commitment, perseverance and transform physical effort into physical and mental growth.

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