Wish to compete? Information to Changing into a Newbie Bodybuilder and Begin Competing

Many people want to lose a few pounds and even practice healthy habits in their daily lives. However, there are those who want to build a new body, completely different, with muscle definition and mass. That’s what it means to be a Bodybuilder. But what about when we are interested in competitions? What are the steps to be taken? And, after all, how do I start my journey in the Bodybuilding world?

It is to solve these doubts that today Bulking’s blog will offer you a complete beginner bodybuilder guide. In addition to some steps to start your life in competitions. Are you ready? So let’s go!


Bodybuilder vs. Bodybuilder: What’s the difference?

It’s important to start with a basic difference: what is a bodybuilder and what is a bodybuilder?

The answer is quite simple. A Bodybuilder focuses on shape building, muscle definition, mass gain and many other details, but that doesn’t necessarily involve the competitive part. You can be a bodybuilder and just apply the lifestyle. The bodybuilder can compete, of course, but it’s not mandatory, you know? Here, what is taken into account is more the healthy habit along with building the physique.

In the case of the bodybuilder, who is also the construction of the defined body, there is a need for competition, since yes, this is a sport.

Now that we understand the difference between the two, let’s go step by step to become a beginning bodybuilder and even start competing!


Step one: The first medical evaluation

Having a trusted doctor check you up before you start training is the first step. Even more so if you are now starting to exercise regularly.

In addition to routine checkups, you’ll need to take a good look at hormone levels, overall heart and cardiac conditioning, as well as muscle and bone. If something is not in place, invest in a good treatment. Remember to do this review on a regular basis. This will be the first medical assessment of many.

Step two: Seek professionals for follow-up

The second step is to look for professionals in the field of physical education and nutrition for your follow-up. Good professionals will show you the right way to go towards your goals. No deviations and real results.

Also, it is not just in choosing a good personal trainer and gym that you should invest. Eating habits directly affect the results you will get. Therefore, seek the help of a nutritionist and/or a nutritionist. He will take care of giving you the correct diet to be followed during your training as a bodybuilder.

Step three: Create goals and objectives and focus on them

Having patience and taking it easy is what will yield good results. Not only in a matter of healthy habits, but even in future competitions. Even so, we are impatient human beings and we want to know if the results are already there or not. Well, to control that and see that we are slowly getting there, you should set some achievable goals every month.

They can be about fat loss, increased endurance, new exercises and even routine workout time. What’s important is that you have these clear goals so that at the end of the month you can see where you’ve made progress.

Step Four: Start a workout without breaking your limits

Probably, as your goal is a shaped body, your workouts will be aimed at muscle hypertrophy. This will be the main thing, but other exercise routines that focus on certain parts of the body will not be overlooked. Of course, this will be worked out together with the professional of the gym you choose. But in addition to relying on the routine imposed by the personal trainer, you need to understand your own limits. Remember to be patient and follow what has been instructed.

Step five: Do other activities besides training

Being in the gym and practicing your exercise routine is great for your development, but don’t forget about other types of physical activities. And, above all, don’t forget about aerobic exercise! They are extremely important for fat burning and hypertrophy. It is a common mistake to focus only on strengthening and forget about them. A good way to practice these exercises is to run outdoors, swimming, tennis, and so on.

Step Six: Change Your Eating Habits

This can be one of the trickiest parts for anyone starting out on the bodybuilder path. We end up getting used to eating food without even thinking about what we are putting into the body. From that moment on, that must change! The ideal is that you start by reducing the amount of carbohydrates and choosing well which ones you eat. Also, strictly follow the diet informed by the nutritionist.

Another essential item is hydration. It will have to be part of your daily life from that moment on. Start by drinking small amounts and increasing until you reach your goal of 2.5 L of water per day.

Step Seven: Buy Proper Clothing and Equipment

Yes, that should also be part of your plans. Especially if you have a mind to participate in competitions. Seeking partnerships with brands that really care about your comfort in the practice of bodybuilding is of extreme necessity. With this in mind, Bulking opens doors for you!

Step eight: Entering the first championship

After this journey, it’s time to sign up and participate in your first championship. The first item to be seen is whether membership in any type of federation is required. Generally, this type of requirement is made in state and/or national championships. You can find several state federations by doing a quick internet search.

Remembering that the tips do not exclude the importance of monitoring by a trained professional.

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