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William Bonac Wins 2nd Arnold Basic!

by Christian Duque

Fans around the world were crazy to see how William "The Conqueror" Bonac won his second Arnold Classic title last weekend in Columbus, OH. Bonac has undoubtedly become one of the best bodybuilders of his time. He won his first Arnold in 2018, narrowly lost to the future Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry in 2019 and got the title back in top form last weekend. The runner-up at Olympia 2019 left no stone unturned for this preparation, talked very little and really focused on the work ahead.


William has never been a trash talker and therefore often doesn't get as much fanfare as he rightly deserves. That doesn't seem to get him in a particular phase, as he did it in sports in his own way and earned the respect of champions in the past and present. Olympia Brandon Curry is a champion who really shows him a lot of respect and who Bonac beat after his Arnold victory in 2019. Curry and Bonac have a very special relationship, since curry is the best and Bonac is number one, but both get little respect from the industry press. Still, they're the two best. And this pecking order was consolidated last weekend when Bonac won in top form and did his best for the prejudices, the night show and the individual routines.

It is said that all that matters is who wins, but if you win like The Conqueror did at the Arnold Classic 2020, it just feels particularly good. He was never able to get out of a deficit, there were no challengers to avoid, and all of his preparation came together wonderfully on the show day. Whenever a champion is conditioned, injury-free and with a good sense, it is a jackpot. What's next for the # 1 contender? Hopefully the naysayers have finally been silenced!

That being said, when the bodybuilding press talks about Phil Heath's comeback and goes crazy, it does two things. For starters, it rejects the reigning champion Brandon Curry. It's Brandon who won in 2019, and it's Brandon who does bodybuilding, promoting sports, and growing sports. Whenever the media talks about Phil Heath and goes crazy, it's like curry is nothing! But journalists who keep talking about the Heath / Curry showdown also underestimate William's position as the number 1 competitor, and this is why.

William Bonac is the No. 1 contender. No other man deserves this distinction. William now has two Arnold Classic titles and was second at Mr. Olympia last year. Whenever a reputable expert makes an Olympic handicap for 2020, the very first name that should come to mind against Brandon should be William. The Arnold Classic 2020 should be a strong reminder of this pecking order as Bonac defeated a still sharp Dexter Jackson, defeated a 300 pound Big Ramy, defeated an ever-improving Steve Kuclo and many others. Sergio looked good, posed like his father, and was added to Bonac's list. With the exception of Dexter, no one fought the champion in this competition. There were Arnold's that were weak, some that were pretty good, and some (like last weekend) that were unforgettable and remarkable. Still, it will only be a matter of days before the big experts talk again about the comeback of Phil Heath and Kai Greene, whether Ramy will pin down his condition and / or even speculate where Kuclo, Sergio and even Akim can come from Columbus, regarding the 2020 Mr. Olympia. No matter what Bonac does, he doesn't seem to take a break.

The media tend to overlook Bonac, much like Brandon Curry has historically, and Dexter Jackson in particular, because they are reluctant, hard workers. You know, I wrote articles, published stories and talked until I was blue in the face. I said Dexter would be ignored, I said Dexter would come madly conditioned, and I said Dexter would hit all the guys the media said would beat him. I am part of this media, but I will definitely never take the train. The year I predicted Shawn would win the Olympics, most of my esteemed media colleagues speculated whether he would even be in the top 5. And it's not that I have the eye and I don't; You would simply prefer to be in the hype and smoke business than to give the real champions their rights.


Some will say Bonac is too short, others will say that it is not big enough – it is just a never ending pile of shit. What does William Bonac have to do? What is crazy is that he looked as good as he looked last weekend !! Can he improve? Absolutely!! Who is he working with? Who the hell knows?!?! Maybe he is preparing himself, along with the minimal support of some trusted friends. That can actually be the case.

Can Bonac win the Olympics? Of course he can. Why is that a question people ask anyway? In fact, I could see Bonac and Curry fighting for the world's top title again. Brandon has the undeniable advantage that he needs to prepare all year round, an advantage that Roelly Winklaar has, but Bonac knows his physique and knows what he's capable of. Should most top competitors peak at this level twice in a year? Probably not, but there are exceptions to every rule. I hope that's it for Bonac, competitively speaking, up to the Olympics, but you can never say it. It is very impressive that he was able to win everything at 90-95%. If he can top 100% in Vegas, he could be 100% one of the closest and most competitive Olympias of all time alongside curry. But don't worry, the vintage cars will still be ready to talk shit and keep themselves relevant once it's over. You can rely on this nonsense like clockwork.

What do you think of Bonac's big win? Do you think he can reach an even better climax for Mr. Olympia 2020? If so, where do you see him fighting the incumbent Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry?

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