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Will There Ever Be One other Dana Linn Bailey?

by Christian Duque

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I'm just having fun. There is a lot to talk about, lots of food for thought and a look into the past is always fun. If you don't like looking back in time – nostalgia is always epic. It is the world of Canna, Wanna, Wanna. Some of us have really lived, others live in the past, others live then, today and in the future. The DLB and her husband Rob Bailey have paved the way and continue to move at the top. This is not a story of miracles or people who used to be huge. These two are as active and successful today as when they made it big. There are a few key factors that have led her to rise to the top, and why people today, in 2020, hope that Dana will return to the stage of women's physics – especially with Arnold and Olympia. The DLB was a different kind of fit star, her husband played a key role, and together they owned and ran their own businesses.

Especially in the fitness industry, women had the bikini / fit model look for years. It was about the beach body, bikini shoots, and honest, pretty nervous content. We don't make candy coats here. So if you bother that, you have to take care of it. This is not Cookie Cutter News, this iron magazine. If we can't be dull here, where can we be?

The DLB was about the muscles, it pushed the natural approach and it earned its fanfare due to its intensity and determination in the gym. She didn't try to be the next Barbie doll, she didn't force sex appeal (at least not directly) and she didn't want to be cute. This was an athlete who was sweating, struggling, whose hair and makeup didn't always look like she'd just stepped out of a Vidal Sassoon. She took the time to look good and I am not saying that she looked like she had been through a war, but there were times when the training sessions were so intense. Dana wasn't a tomboy either, she wasn't a Barbie doll, and she wasn't a stoic, emotionless athlete either. By simply being herself, she earned the respect of countless people. She loved training so much, she bought and ran a gym. She loved unique clothes, so she took her shirts with scissors and made them a lot cooler. When that was no longer possible, she made her own line. Her hairstyle was her own, her fashion sense was her own too. We are an individual country. However, our industry seems to look so uniform. Everyone wears certain clothes, in certain ways, in certain attitudes.

The DLB hit the flood. It formed the department for women's physics. I mean, she didn't make it, but her influence on it was so important that I would say it would put it on the card. The fact that she was the first WPD Ms. Olympia also played a very important role in the great interest of many women in the new department. Her influence was the key. When Women's Physique first appeared, it was essentially out of the ashes of Women's Bodybuilding. The last thing women wanted to do was invest time, money, and effort into building a department that could be found on the ropes just as easily in no time. The fact that Dana chose this department inspired many other women to follow in their footsteps. However, the impact on the WPD was undeniable when she left the department after a very long break. In fact, that's the understatement of the century.

I don't want to simplify things too much. There were a lot that went to the top in Dana's rise, but just being herself was the key. Basically, so many fitness stars play a role that consultants have created for them. Many of them buy their followers. They know that it is only a matter of time before they are exposed. Others go billboards. Everything they wear, shoes, clothes and accessories, belongs to all the companies that pay them. They swear by supps that may or may not work. You eat foods that may or may not have the correct macros, or may even taste good. Once the charade is over, you will never see it again. Everything about the DLB is real; Therefore, her fame has only grown since the days when she rose to the top. More than ever, fans want the DLB to come back on stage!


Rob's role is also very important. Dana and Rob are a team. Rob is an active member and leader of the empire. A big part of his role is to be a supportive spouse. This is really huge and shouldn't be glossed over. Many competitors are missing that. I have interviewed countless men and women who are married or have a steady relationship, but their key competitors do not like them in competition, do not support their decision and many may not have come to a single event. It is very discouraging. It is huge to have a significant other active on the trip. Rob goes far beyond that and has a direct hand in everything; He is also a creative genius who improves everything from his gym to his clothes to his public appearances and media interactions. When people saw Rob, they asked where the DLB was. When people saw the DLB, they asked where Rob was. They are really a team and that is a big factor in their success.

I think the last piece of the puzzle is that they all own their businesses. No one who wants to keep creative control, who wants to do it great, and who wants to stay active with a company for life can do so without owning it. Even if your goal is to get rich, it is crucial to own your company. If you want to create content and clothing, launch products and / or services on the market, owning your business is the way to go. When you work for others, you are dependent on them. This makes you vulnerable to getting rid of you at any time, and they can completely change the direction you want to go. No matter how much you work and how much you are valued, you can step to the curb, you can be cheated and you have to be ready for it. On the other hand, if you own your own business, you can work tirelessly and get nothing, but it's yours. You have to face the possibility of failure. You have to pay bills, accept losses and worry that some steps will not succeed. It is definitely easier to work for others, but it is definitely worth it for those who take a chance. If DLB ​​and Rob worked for someone else, if they didn't own the companies they founded – or – if they sold those companies or took so many partners with them, they would lose the majority stake. Who knows if they are where they are today?

As of this writing, there are active threads on the news boards, people are ordering FNF clothing, and people are talking about DLB in gyms. She really became the Kai Greene of her sport, like a myth and a legend. So many people want them to compete against each other again. I think the kicker is that people don't care if they win or not. It's bigger than that; Athletes of Dana's caliber would not compete against each other just for fun. She is a former WPD Olympia, so she has to come to win. I think she got a great shot when she wanted to. What would it mean for you to see the DLB on stage again !! What do you think it would do for WPD?

I hope you enjoyed reading this article here in Iron Magazine. I am looking forward to read your comments. Please do not forget to use the discount code Save IML15 by 15% at – iincluding the new CBD Gummies !!!

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