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Will Immunity Boosting-Dietary supplements Proceed to Increase Publish-Pandemic?

by Matt Weik

With everything going on around the world today, immunity-enhancing supplements have been the new craze. And with good reason, because everyone tries to stay healthy. Brands that have never cared about immunity, vitamins, minerals, etc. are now introducing their own line of immunity supplements. But once we get out of this "pandemic" sales will continue to boom or we will find that things will normalize again if people do not care less about their immunity and if they are able to defend themselves or not diseases and viruses?


In this article, I want to raise the question of what the future holds for immunity-enhancing supplements. Will this be a fad in which brands get on and off while making money quickly, or is it something more and a longer term game?

Get in while getting good

You can't hate the hustle and bustle. Welcome to capitalism. Find an opportunity to make money while helping people, and then go outside and carry out your plan. I can't blame supplement brands for bringing immunity-enhancing supplements to the market at a time like this when people are afraid of the "invisible virus" and want to make sure they do everything they can to stay healthy.

But I want to make sure that people are aware of the good things some of these brands do, that don't put money directly in their pockets, but that their actions support the lives of many on the front line. Mark Glazier is one of those I think needs to be recognized. Regardless of whether you have ever used a NutraBio product in the past or not, this man is giving away exclusive supplements to strengthen immunity to first-aiders and at the forefront.

For me, that's honorable and commendable. Will the community and those he helps remember his act of kindness and may become a customer later? Maybe, maybe not. But I'm sure Mark doesn't think about it.

What I hope won't happen (and we won't know if we don't start testing products) is that brands make these supplements to boost immunity, but dust them with fairy dust to a point where none effective dose is more and will not do any good to these people who take them. It just makes their wallet lighter without any real use. I am not naive to think that this will not happen, but I say that it is wrong on many levels. If a brand is found, they have to be punished.

Just like those who turned and started making masks and disinfectants, supplement companies saw the opportunity to get in when the demand came and earned thousands of dollars with their efforts and quick thinking. I welcome you.


But … will it continue?

I thought about it all day yesterday and tried to decide in which direction I think immunity-enhancing supplements will go. I finally decided the following (at least in my head you can disagree).

Dietary supplements to boost immunity will not go away. Brands didn't go out and quickly sourced raw materials and spent all the money on making products quickly just to wash your hands and go away. I believe that this pandemic has opened many people's eyes and that they need to take better care of their health. Not to mention that everyone starts getting a cold in the colder months, and strengthening your immunity is now a great way to potentially keep some of the diseases that you are confronted with seasonally.

With so many things that can cause us to get sick, it's a wonder why people didn't worry about it before the outbreak. Personally, I know the benefits of immunity-enhancing supplements like the usual vitamin C and vitamin D – and there are many other supplements that you can buy in different formulas and profiles. Our body is constantly attacked by free radicals. Just because we cannot see the enemy or cannot feel its effects does not mean that it is not there. And these free radicals can open the locks so that viruses can enter and attack while the immune system is weakened.

Thanks to the antioxidants that we find in our food (and some supplements), much of the damage that could be done to our bodies is stopped before it reaches the point where we get sick. This is one of the main reasons why I believe that immunity-enhancing supplements are so important to all of us that we can use them and incorporate them into our daily nutritional supplement program.

While I'm sure there will be people who will drop off after the pandemic and stop using immune-enhancing supplements, I think a larger part has been woken up and will take their health a little more seriously after what has happened. I think things like colds and other illnesses will freak people out because they think they have corona virus. For this reason, sales will remain stable months after all. I see an increase in doctor visits as soon as everything opens again.

Help those who need these supplements most

People who are most susceptible to disease and this virus should use immune-enhancing supplements. I'm talking about older people and people with pre-existing diseases that affect their immune systems. If someone in your family meets these criteria and doesn't make it to the store or doesn't have Internet access, go out and buy something for them to increase their immunity. Sure, you may want to talk to your doctor before making sure that the product / ingredients don't interfere with the medication you're taking. However, the introduction of supplements to boost immunity will only help them if they get the green light from their doctor.

In conclusion, I see immunity-enhancing supplements continue to sell and move forward after all of this is behind us. I think people will understand that nobody comes to save them – including the government. In fact, they want to keep everyone at home and leave you there to find out for yourself. It is time that we all deal carefully with our life, our way of life and our health. They are your first and last line of defense and if you are not worried about your health, it is nobody else.

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