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Why Can’t Folks Simply Let Wealthy Piana Relaxation in Peace?

by Matt Weik

It’s been three years since the industry lost Rich Piana, but its name remains in a negative light. Most recently, a video appeared on Rich Piana’s YouTube channel that was released to discredit Rich Gaspari. Although I haven’t seen any confirmation that it was 5% Nutrition that posted it, everyone in control of their YouTube channel has to do different things in my head.


First, let’s touch the video itself. The video was made in response to Rich Gaspari, who mentioned in Generation Iron 2 that he doesn’t like Rich Piana and thinks he’s bad for the industry. There are people on both sides of this debate, but it’s not here or there since the man died.

In the posted video, Rich Piana is visibly upset about Gaspari’s comments, but has not gone completely out of line with what he said in his counter-argument. Still, Rich Piana posted the video for a reason. What is that reason? We will never know. But whoever has control of Rich Piana’s YouTube channel has made the video visible to everyone.

I have so many problems with what happened that I will use my two cents to get involved and discuss what I think needs to happen.

What should happen now

As I mentioned earlier, what I’ve seen in the industry regarding Rich Piana is worrying. The man is dead, but people either try to make money from his death, sell his things while saying that they have no money after his death, or the man for something he did in the past has to blow up. The following must happen next.

Note: Your thoughts could be different from mine and that’s fine – these are my opinions about what I think is right.

Give up the rights to Rich’s YouTube channel

As far as I know, Rich Piana never mentioned what would happen to his personal YouTube channel in the event of his death. That would mean the channel is live, but slumbers in the sense that no new videos or content is released. But this was not the case.


Someone posted videos on their site and since Rich monetized his channel, the money from advertising revenue is deposited into a bank account every month. Who has this account now? Who knows? Does his ex-wife have it? Does 5% nutrition have it? Does his girlfriend have it at the time of his death? Who makes money on Rich Piana’s YouTube channel?

I have a feeling that the channel should be given to the family and that they should have the right to do so if they choose to compile their son’s videos and honors – but no one else.

If there is 5% nutrition behind the channel and they are making money and bringing out dirty laundry that Rich Piana never wanted to post or that he would have done himself, there must be consequences. Somewhere in YouTube’s guidelines, there must be something you cannot post if you are either not the originator or you do not have the consent or the right to do so.

Include Rich’s family in ALL profits

I have watched Dave Palumbo’s response to all of this and agree with a point he raised in his comments where he mentioned that Rich’s family should get all the money from his hard work. I wouldn’t say all the money, but I think they should be entitled to a profit.

Rich’s earnings from YouTube should go 100% to the family. That was Rich’s platform and a place where he could talk about anything and everything. He has documented his life and that 5% nutrition may benefit financially doesn’t fit me well if that happens.

The Rich Piana family should also receive part of the 5% dietary benefit. If I died today, I would want my hard work and income to benefit my family to ensure that they are cared for. I don’t think this is the case with 5% nutrition – I don’t think they help the family in any way. That is wrong for me.

When I die, I want my residual income and money from my business to go directly to my family. It is MY blood, sweat and tears that are invested in these income streams. Why should someone else be in control and take it away from their family?

Let the man rest

My parents always told me as an adult that if I had nothing nice to say, don’t say anything. They also told me not to say anything that I would not be willing to say directly to someone’s face and accept the consequences.

I’ve seen several interviews over the years in which people have spoken about their relationship with Rich Piana and how things happen behind the scenes that I won’t even mention in this article out of respect. Still, they were pretty damaging to his character, regardless of whether they were true or not.

Why can’t people just let Rich Piana rest in peace? At this point, what is the use of polluting someone who died three years ago? When they need such a bad ego boost, they have even bigger problems if it’s their way of feeling better when they talk about a dead person.

Personally, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Rich Piana and I was noisy in the fact that I didn’t agree with everything he did. And if I had the chance, I would have sat down with him and explained my position. That being said, Rich’s name doesn’t come out of my mouth negatively today. What would be the point or purpose in this phase?

I’m sad about what happened to Rich. It was taken far too early. I feel for his whole family and for those who were very close to him. I just wish people would leave the man alone and let him rest. If you don’t want people to speak badly of you after you die, don’t do it to Rich.

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