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Why a Market Crash Can Assist Individuals Get Match & Wholesome

by Matt Weik

Today everyone is watching the DOW and looking at what is happening globally in relation to health concerns and how it affects things like stocks, investments and retirement. Let's face it, people don't like it when their money disappears – I know I don't. But what causes a market crash is a healthier and more fit population – at least for some people.


What do many people do during a market crash? You're trying to keep and hold your money, aren't you? They're not out there spending money the way they were when the market was booming and they were increasing their wealth. How can this change our behavior and make us healthier and more fit? That's exactly what I want to discuss in this article. Let's jump in

Less money for unhealthy snacks

When money is tight, people look at all the food they buy and at what price. Do you REALLY need this bag of potato chips? Probably not so that they can get rid of it (at least for now). Do you need this candy bar or a bag of sweets? Nope. It's gone. Do you have to consume six cans of soda a day? No, so they mainly drink water or reduce their soda consumption to just a few doses.

This is also not certain. Sure, there are still people out there who drop money around the world without a care. However, it happens in many households that they cut their budget for food. Think of all the snacks they buy for their kids. This is minimized because it is unnecessary and is not needed. It is "comfort" elements that score a hit. This helps prevent excessive food consumption and excess calories (naturally).

Fewer people eat food

Whether people can afford it or not, fewer people go out to eat during a market crash. The $ 40 steak dinner is now suitable for homemade meals. More people stay and eat in their homes, which protects their money and waist.

When you watch meals in restaurants these days, most are twice the size you really need. Clever minds save half for a second meal that can be taken the next day. However, this is not the case with most people. When they sit down in a restaurant, they eat everything in front of them. The bread they bring out (or several loaves) along with their full meal that runs over their plate.

Many people become more conservative and make meals at home. This also saves them having to tip a meal, which is another additional expense in addition to the cost of the meal itself. These carbohydrate and fat meals are minimized, which can help lower your daily calorie intake. Of course, this can help them lose weight or at least manage their current body composition.


In addition, desserts are not ordered after meals. It's an extra expense that people can't justify during a market crash when there's so much uncertainty about their finances.

Companies are lowering prices to stay afloat

A market crash also affects companies as well as their sales and growth. Fewer people who spend money means less growth potential. What do many companies do? They run sales and discounts to get people to open their wallets. This is actually a good thing for those who want to get well. Fitness equipment prices are falling. People are trying to eliminate costs and cancel their gym membership. Or use the offers on the other hand and conclude a long-term contract at a greatly reduced price.

The number of people exercising at home can increase. People no longer want to spend the money on gasoline that goes to and from the gym. You'll even see supplement companies running promotions to increase sales. Field teams are more willing to turn and act, which is good for both retailers and consumers.

Many tend to take a closer look at their health during a market crash because it can reevaluate their current health situation as it is one of the few things they can control. During a market crash, you don't have the luxury of building up your fortune when you're exposed to the market and trying to get through these tough times.

More time to focus on health

As we feel the effects of a market crash, fewer people go out for entertainment. They no longer go to the cinema every weekend and buy soda and big popcorn. They don't go on wasteful vacations. You are more conservative.

This allows more time for the family. Time that could be focused on playing with kids, going to the park, walking or hiking, and enjoying more physical activity overall.

No money? Dress the opposite sex with your looks

Large donors are even more vulnerable when trying to attract the opposite sex. When her wealth rises in smoke, she also appeals to some of the opposite sex. Whether it is right or wrong to be drawn from money to the opposite sex, people and relationships are affected. What do individuals have to do now to make themselves more “attractive” to the opposite sex? They train.

People want to look better and therefore exercise more to lose weight and build muscle. A market crash doesn't just affect our finances. It also affects our life and health. With this in mind, this is a good opportunity to delve deeply into our own lives and see where we can make improvements.

Is a market crash the best way to help people get fit and healthy? No, but it can come into play.

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