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Wholesome Desserts Are Taking the Complement Business by Storm

by Matt Weik

If you decide to lose a few LBS (pounds), restructuring what is likely a poor diet on paper seems easy until you actually start to put the process into real life. Sure, if you look at that sheet of paper (or an app like MyFitnessPal) and understand how many calories you should be consuming daily along with your macronutrient ratios, it seems to be pretty short and dry – because it is. But then comes the task of cutting out all the unhealthy food options that you are used to eating regularly. But what if there were healthy desserts that you could enjoy without feeling guilty? There are!


I often hear a lot of people complaining that they cannot eat this on their diet or that they cannot eat this on their diet. ENOUGH! With today's options, there is absolutely no reason why you can't eat the foods you love when you are on a diet, because there is most likely a healthy version of it – including healthy desserts.

Implement healthy desserts in your eating plan

If you're something like me, enjoy a nice "unhealthy" dessert option every now and then. No, I don't have them every day, but every now and then when I'm in the mood I grab a donut, a sticky bun, a cinnamon bun, a brownie, you know … little desserts. It's not like sitting down and eating a whole cheesecake (don't judge me, but I've done it before). Do I feel bad after eating some of these little dessert items? No not true. But I'm always looking for a healthier version that I usually hear from customers and online customers.

This may turn out to be a brand boost, but frankly it is not that I have never worked with or even communicated with the people of this brand, but what they do is make me crazy. The brand I'm referring to is The Dough Bar. Yes, if you've read my articles in the past, I mentioned them earlier with their healthy desserts – more specifically, with their protein donuts.

The dough bar creates healthy donuts with protein that you can eat without feeling guilty (provided you don't eat all of them at once). But I'm not here to talk about their donuts again (though they're fantastic), but I want to talk to you about their new protein cinnamon bun.

I want you to eat a cinnamon bun

When it comes to changing the way we look at food, The Dough Bar takes the cake (or donut). They're constantly innovating and creating healthy desserts that we can all enjoy without the regrets that we usually feel shortly after eating a sugary dessert that we knew we shouldn't have eaten. But now The Dough Bar has created another fan favorite with a protein cinnamon roll.

Yes, you heard me right – a protein cinnamon roll. Go and eat it! Well, that's when you can actually get your hands on it. When The Dough Bar released their protein cinnamon bun, they were completely sold out in the first two hours that these healthy desserts were available. In total, that was 1,000 protein cinnamon rolls in less than 120 minutes.


What made the demand for these healthy desserts so high? For starters, their donuts are fantastic, so those who are already customers of The Dough Bar are likely to have jumped over them, but also the fact that this is something totally innovative and interesting that everyone can eat, regardless of whether You are in the fitness industry or not. And social media is a powerful tool that brings out these protein cinnamon rolls in front of millions of eyeballs.

Guilt-free dessert option?

The Dough Bar claims that its cinnamon roll promises a Cinnabon-like experience. It's quite difficult to compare healthy desserts to a dessert monster like Cinnabon. Your protein cinnamon roll is a separate roll with cream cheese glaze (which you can apply as much or as little as you like).

Well, for the million dollar question, everyone is probably wondering … "How do the macros break down?" Let’s take a look.

274 calories
10 g fat
31 g carbohydrates
16 g of sugar
16 g protein

Looking at the pictures of these healthy desserts on their website made my mouth water. What hurts me is the fact that these fast-selling protein cinnamon buns are out of stock at the time of writing. I need to get my hands on this, and I strongly recommend that you do the same.

If you take a few steps back and look at the nutrients of these healthy desserts, I won't say they are super healthy, just like you shouldn't worry about devouring these protein cinnamon buns. You can throw some protein in everything and essentially market it as a healthy option. Personally, I would not try them, but I would not recommend them as a regularly consumed product in your eating plan if you are trying to lose weight. Bulking, on the other hand, can be more acceptable.

Although it only contains 274 calories per roll (they're dense), I'm not exactly thrilled with the total amount of carbohydrates and sugar. 16 g of sugar is a reasonable amount and 31 g of carbohydrates, compared to a protein or nutritional bar today, are quite high. In general, I am not a fan of "healthy" types of food that contain more sugar than protein or equal amounts. I would prefer more protein and less sugar. Although I would recommend this as an option if you are looking for healthy desserts, I would not recommend consuming them all the time (sorry, The Dough Bar, I have to keep it real).

Overall, I think it's great where the industry is going. Functional foods and beverages are becoming really innovative and help people eat healthier while still "solving their problems". I imagine the next few years to be extremely exciting and we'll all see some really cool product launches. Right now I'm going to sit on The Dough Bar's website and keep refreshing until these protein cinnamon rolls are back in stock.

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