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Whether or not IWON or Misplaced, These Plant-Primarily based Snacks Are Superb

by Matt Weik

Every now and then I leave my comfort zone to try new supplements and products on the market. That being said, I am not one who is entirely interested in plant-based exercise. I love my animal products, my whey protein, I mean, I'm basically a caveman sitting in an office typing on the keyboard and producing content for you. But after hearing so much about the IWON brand, I got on my nerves that I decided to try it – against what my taste buds told me.


IWON protein snacks grow on me

Got it? Growing on me … growing plants … Bueller? Bueller? No matter – my sense of humor is terrible. The bottom line was that I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious these IWON protein snacks were.

If you've never heard of it, IWON Organics makes herbal protein snacks that mainly consist of four ingredients: green peas, yellow peas, brown rice, and white beans. I know what you think … that sounds absolutely disgusting. I thought the same thing and had little hope for it. But after I opened a bag to try, my hand kept coming back to grab even more.

The IWON website states: "You get organic agricultural ingredients from which our delicious protein snacks are made. We use various combinations that result in a perfect taste and texture and give each snack strong, intense flavors . "

Since I enjoy trying a variety of products from a brand, I did just that and bought a number of different flavors for their IWON protein stix, protein chips and protein puffs. What surprised me was the taste options available. I would not say that they are fundamental in every way. They have flavors like Korean BBQ, cinnamon churro, tapatio jalapeno sour cream, sweet dijon, spicy peppers, caramelized onions, tapatio limon, mesquite BBQ, red pepper and many others.

The results of the taste test are available

I ordered almost every taste they had and I was not disappointed with any of the flavors. To be honest, I had to clear my head before trying them because many of the herbal products I've tried in the past were absolutely terrible and I had flashbacks that prevented me from really shaking them fairly. After I understood my head correctly, I opened my first bag, reached in, reached for ONE piece, closed my eyes and threw it into my mouth. I chewed for a while, trying to pick out the flavors and then go down the hatch.

Surprisingly, I stood there for a minute, trying to decide which emotions I was going through. The first thing I noticed was that I didn't spit it out. Which made me play another round. Same result. These IWON protein snacks were really good.


Here came the even bigger test, since I'm used to eating things that taste like crap in the supplement industry (like many protein bars). I decided to call my 5-year-old son and wife – neither is a fan of the taste of many protein bars and protein shakes. I asked them both to grab a piece (I didn't show them what it was) and to let me know whether they liked it or not. I was already prepared for her facial expression to change and for him to spit in the trash can. But that didn't happen.

In fact, my wife and son went back for seconds and thirds, and before I knew it, my wife took the bag out of my hand and went into the kitchen with it. What the hell just happened I bought these for myself and now my family is stealing my goodies! I think it could be worse, they could have a pint of Ben & Jerry with a spoon in hand, so I shouldn't complain.

My family loved the IWON protein snacks and so did I. Would I recommend trying them if you want something different and want to try a vegetable protein snack? Absolutely. I think these IWON protein snack bags are the perfect night snack when you are watching a movie or your favorite TV show. It is something that you or even the whole family can enjoy.

I won't "flip" you if you hang: Here are the nutrients

Ok, I promise this is the last plant joke. I don't want you to "dirty yourself" with such violent laughter. Seriously, that's enough now. Let's talk about the nutrients of IWON protein snacks.

The IWON products are gluten-free, GMO-free, soy-free, organic, kosher and vegan. Each serving consists of 150-210 calories, 5 g of fiber and 10 g of vegetable protein. Overall, you can't be angry with that. Designed for men, women, and children, these IWON protein snacks have something for everyone, whether you're a fitness enthusiast or just someone who wants to increase your protein intake and want it as a "strain" (i.e. I lied to the last joke) from a vegetable protein source.

You can find IWON protein snacks at retailers such as The Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, GNC, Kroger, Safeway and many other retailers both online and in-store.

If you want something different from what you are used to, I can honestly say that these are really good. Although not every taste suits your taste buds, they have something to offer for every taste. Give it a try and I'm ready to bet you will like it.

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