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When Complement Manufacturers Take heed to Customers… They WIN

by Matt Weik

I don't pretend to know everything because I don't know. Now and then I have some good ideas. When I was working for a supplement company and traveling with retailers and consumers, I got a lot of insight into what people were looking for and need.


With that in mind, every time I met with companies, I brought up the things I had learned in the field. What do you think happened next? If you suspect that I was told to keep my thoughts to myself and stay on my trail, you are right. This company was full of self-driven idiots who came from outside of our industry and thought they could learn everything they needed to know in aviation to sign the contract to work for the company and their nice, fluffy salary to get that they didn't deserve.

However, the more I learn about what some supplement companies are doing today, the more the brand I have worked for should listen to me as these companies use my strategy to sell more products.

Do you want to expand your business? Then listen and stop talking.

The funniest thing about this entire article is the fact that a particular brand increases its sales by taking over an existing product and changing the way it offers its consumers. Listen…

Nature’s Way is a nutritional supplement company that sells many different ingredients in pill form. They take a raw material, encapsulate it and sell it in a bottle. Then Nature’s Way suddenly wanted to dig deeper into the demands and needs of consumers – a great idea that strangely sounds familiar. What have you done? They read the comments on their social media platforms. They found that consumers LOVE their products – and that's a good thing. What they also found was that consumers were not using their products as they were needed.

In the comments on social media, the brand found that consumers took and opened the pills they had bought from the brand to fill them with drinks. Why would anyone want to do that? There are actually several reasons. For starters, some people can't swallow pills for one reason or another – they just can't get them down without choking or choking. So break them up and put them in a liquid. That actually makes sense. Another reason is that the product is more easily absorbed by the body, since the powder quickly dissolves in the liquid and is absorbed by the body after consumption.

Instead of forcing consumers to open the pills every time they want to use the supplement (not very practical), they simply took the raw materials and packed them in powder form for sale. BOOM! Immediately Sales! Instead of thinking they knew everything, they listened to consumer demand and needs and delivered. What a concept!


The choice of consumers does not change, it is just another shipping method that is preferred by people. So there is really no risk that one form will affect another's sales so much that it will be discontinued due to a decline or lack of sales. Pills are still a very preferred delivery method. People like the simplicity and ease of use in which they only have to swallow the recommended number of pills, and they can get started. With a powder, however, the user would have to find out what some people do not like to do and what concerns them not to achieve a reliable dose through their measurement.

Every brand should focus on that

The example above is from Nature's Way, but more brands should implement this strategy if they want to grow. Ultimately, it is consumer needs and requirements that drive sales. If a brand does not have a product or preferred shipping method, consumers look for other brands and may never buy from that brand again. Or are they loyal to a brand and break up the pills to get a powder like the Nature & # 39; s Way example? This is the risk you take when you are not on the pulse of your consumers.

Each brand must have a department that focuses on the consumer (customer relationships). I can't tell you how many brands I have spoken to since leaving the brand I have worked with. There is no one in the field, or in general, who goes out and gathers customer feedback on their brand / products. They base everything on sales. How can you offer your customers what they want if you don't ask the right questions? That's why so many brands in this industry are slowly dying because they're too busy producing new products just to produce something that consumers really don't want.

You literally have to stop and listen to your customers no matter what industry or line of business you are in. Your customers are your lifeline and your blood. Without them, you die. Ask questions on social media. Go to retail and find out what they hear from customers. Send surveys to people in your email lists. Go out there and speak directly to the consumers! Do everything possible to gain insight into needs and needs. Stop pulling ideas out of the hat to start implementing. Just go straight to the source for your answers!

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