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What’s the Function of Bodybuilding?

by Matt Weik

I've thought about this topic for a few days, knowing that there will be people on both sides of the fence on the subject. I know this will not be my most popular content, but I feel the question needs to be asked. What is the purpose of bodybuilding? My position on the subject may be completely different from yours, but I want to open the dialogue and get everyone's opinion.


* Disclaimer: If you follow my work, you know very well that I love bodybuilding and have been in the industry for over a decade doing sports and athletes. This article just raises a question to give you an insight into what you mean by bodybuilding based on the points I mention.

It's bodybuilding, right?

The whole purpose of bodybuilding is to build your body, isn't it? I think we all agree. I also understand that the "sport" (if you want to call it that) is based on building the tallest yet slimmest figure out there. We're probably still on the same page here. I think it's fair to say there are some necessary substances you need to take to become an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and get your Pro Card (right, wrong, or indifferent, depending on your beliefs).

Things could go wrong here and I could upset some people. I have no question whether you choose to use steroids or any other form of anabolic steroid to achieve the desired physique – it is your health and your body. I personally do not use any of it and it is a personal decision. I hate needles. I'd rather be hit by a truck than someone tell me to give me a shot. However, does the use of anabolic steroids distort the vision of how such a desired physique can be achieved if you artificially introduce substances into your body that improve your physique?

Let’s not twist it. I'm not downplaying the fact that you have to cut your face to grow and add quality muscle. I do not dispute this fact at all – there must still be consistency and work ethic that comes into play. But here is my point. I have a friend who was IFBB Pro Bodybuilder. He blew up his ass to get his professional ticket. After getting his professional card, he basically stopped bodybuilding (for whatever reason). The guy was massive and every year he got bigger and bigger. Now mind you, he would never become Mr. Olympia with his physique, but he still had a great physique. If you look at him today, I'm taller than him!

Is the juice worth the pressure?

When he came back to my friend he easily had a good 60 pounds on me, if not more. He used anabolic steroids and, although not open, he knew there was no reason to deny its use – and I never questioned his ethics or need to use them. So here is what I want to ask you … If you are a "bodybuilder" or "bodybuilder" then why don't you want a physique that you can achieve and maintain for the rest of your life? Why would you use something to speed up the process of adding bulk just to remove the sauce and deflate like a balloon?

I personally would prefer to have an amazing physique all year round and maintain a healthy, muscular and lean physique with age. Sure, maybe I would never become a monster over 250 pounds, but I personally agree. I couldn't believe how quickly my friend emptied himself after he stopped anabolic steroids. It was like a needle bursting all of his muscles. I'm not a mass freak since I only weigh about 200 pounds. But to think I'm bigger than an IFBB professional is a little strange (and we're the same age).


This goes back to my point of view. I am glad that I look like me and that my build has not decreased at all. It is a look that I can maintain and develop and that only gets better. After stopping anabolic steroids and walking "naturally" your body can (and will in most cases) lose a lot of size. This shows friends, family members, and fans (if they didn't already know) that you used substances to improve your body.

Obviously, bodybuilding is a sport in which you want to gain a competitive advantage over those you are on stage with. Heck, with all sports there are athletes who want to have a competitive advantage. I also understand the fact that fans want to see the biggest freaks on this stage as if they bought tickets for a circus show. Natural bodybuilding shows just don't do it for most people because their look is easier to achieve than that of an IFBB Pro.

So, is it ultimately worth using anabolic steroids? If you are a competitor, I would assume that the answer is yes because you are using it for an advantage. But if you're a recreational athlete who uses anabolic steroids and knows you'll eventually get out, is it worth it in the end? You would have an image in your head of what you look like, just so that as you get out, that size will decrease over time. So is "bodybuilding" really "bodybuilding" if you end up being unable to maintain your size due to anabolic steroids?

I would like to hear your opinion on this. I know again that there will be some hatred here, but I feel that I have represented both sides of the fence fairly and with respect. Let us know in the comments if bodybuilding really is bodybuilding in your eyes if it can't be sustained in the long run.

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