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What’s Phil Heath Prepping For? Let’s Suppose About It

by Matt Weik

Phil Heath probably sits back and laughs at all of us making predictions about what he’s preparing for. While I don’t have inside information about what he’s up to, I’ll make a few predictions (maybe one of those is correct?).


In a comment on social media, Phil mentioned that he’s actually preparing for something, but it’s not what people suspect. I mean, that’s kind of cryptic, isn’t it? I mean, did Kai Greene enter the chat?

There’s no denying that Phil Heath looks great. He seems to be in shape and definitely leaning forward like he’s preparing for a show. But here are some of my predictions of what he’s actually “preparing” for.

1. A roll of film

Some time ago, Phil Heath signed on the dashed line to work with Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia’s Seven Bucks Productions. We didn’t see anything in motion after the announcement, however – but that doesn’t mean there was nothing in the works behind the scenes.

How do we not know Phil hasn’t taken an acting class in the last year or so? I’m not apologizing for why he finished third in the 2020 Olympics, but what if his mind and body just weren’t there? This is just speculation, but maybe it played a role? Even if a little.

When you think of tall and muscular actors today, who do you think of? Probably Dwayne Johnson, right? Can you name others? You probably need to think twice and can’t come up with other names. What if Dwayne and Phil got together to star in a movie together?

Or what if Dany and Dwayne are just helping Phil prepare for his own solo role on the big screen? We already knew he was working on some kind of documentary that hadn’t come out with the production company. Maybe they just never stopped because of the pandemic?


2. An appearance on television

Back to the actors, how many bodybuilders (past or current) do you see on TV? Not really. Sure, you’ve seen guys like Kali Muscle, Mike O’Hearn, and a few others in some commercials, but nothing BIG about a role on a television series (at least not to my knowledge – correct me if I’m wrong).

Seven Bucks Productions has worked with NBC, HBO and BET on a variety of projects. So what if they prepare Phil to play a role on a sitcom? I do not think that this possibility is ruled out.

Perhaps this will be his first acting role before moving to the cinema for a career on the big screen. What else does he have to prove in bodybuilding? Not only that, but there is a lot more money in movies and television than there will ever be in bodybuilding. If Phil wins Olympia he’ll only see a few hundred thousand. He could do that (and more) by signing a film or television deal.

The fact is, the IFBB does nothing to support Phil’s career. You don’t pick up the phone on Phil’s behalf, and Phil has spoken openly about it. So maybe Phil would like to start in a different industry?

Plot twist … what if Phil and Kai are working on a project together? Dun dun duuuuuun! I do not know. Again I just think out loud.

Now for the final guess, which consists of several parts.

3. The Arnold classic

When you think of the big bodybuilding shows out there, the two big ones are the Arnold Classic and the Olympia. Phil is no stranger to the Olympic stage, but he’s never won the Arnold Classic. What if Phil prepares to appear on Columbus to secure a title on a show he slipped through his fingers in the past?

Here’s the thing, Phil is lean enough all year round to secure a movie or television role and is in “good enough” shape not to go into prep mode. This leads me to believe that Phil has something to do with bodybuilding that Phil is preparing for.

I very much doubt Phil will step onto any bodybuilding stage other than the Olympia or the Arnold Classic. I don’t see him jumping back onto the Olympic stage though after losing to Shawn Rhoden and then being pushed back to third place last year.

So the Arnold Classic is the only show I can really prepare him for. Even then, the reason to take the stage in Columbus could have a dual purpose.

What am I referring to?

What if the documentary Phil worked on with Seven Bucks Productions resulted in Phil returning to Olympia and taking his title back – but that never happened? Maybe they are trying to finish the documentary and let Phil win one last show and create a “goodbye moment” and document it?

I think the chances of Phil coming back and winning the Olympics again are slim. I don’t think Phil really wants to get back on the Olympic stage either. But we’ve never had that last moment when Phil announces his resignation and we see his “last dance”.

Maybe this will be his farewell show and he’s preparing to make the announcement and document it with Dany and Dwayne? After all, I can’t see Phil leave without giving fans one last look at one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time and allowing fans to show him the respect he deserves for posing one last time.

But what do you mean Is one of my ideas here something that you think could be what Phil Heath is preparing for? Let us know in the comments below.

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