What’s Bulking? Perceive the distinction between clear and soiled!

Anyone who starts a gym always has a unanimous desire: gain muscular mass and lose fat. It could be no different, considering that these are the minimum requirements to have a respect shape.

However, gain muscular mass It's not as easy as it sounds. “Lifting weight” by itself does not bring much to our body, it is necessary to combine proper training with a consistent and quality diet. Only in this way is it possible to achieve hypertrophy effectively.

Speaking of gaining muscle, you've probably heard about Bulking and Cutting, right? Do you know what these two concepts mean?


Basically, bulking will help in muscle mass gain and cutting in fat loss. Both are important processes for hypertrophy, each with its own particularities.

First of all it is important to remember that although they are counter processes, they complement each other. So, before understanding the difference between the two concepts, it is of utmost importance to understand what is bulkingspecifically and how it works. Find out below what this term means and how it relates to hypertrophy!

Do You Know What Bulking Workout Is? Find it out!

If you translate the word "Bulking", which comes from English, you will come across the word "increasing", literally. This is exactly what this procedure means in bodybuilding: increase body volume.

Clearly and objectively, bulking is the increase in caloric intake and hence body mass, which results in muscle growth and easier definition right after.

This technique is very suitable for bodybuilding athletes who want to increase their muscle mass and definition. For this they have the help of supplements to define.

In view of the idea of ​​growing, Bulking can be understood as a hypertrophy phase, in which the bodybuilding athlete tends to potentially increase his body mass in order to gain muscle mass – that is, hypertrophy.


But why do you have to put on weight to gain muscle? Understand how it works!

How does the bulking phase in bodybuilding work

You may have come across a “fat” and “out of shape” bodybuilding athlete, eating a lot, right? The surprise is hard to hold on at the moment, but the biggest surprise comes when, within a few days, he appears thin again and more. muscular and defined.

No need to worry about seeing it like that, huge. Rest assured he has not given up his career. On the contrary: in bodybuilding, bulking is the off-season phase, which refers to when the athlete is not in competition but working to gain more muscle with intense workouts and very caloric eating.

This illustrates well how the bulking phase: as a process to get muscles more effectively. But before you go crazy eating, be aware that there are rules, otherwise you could end up gaining a lot of bad fat and, in the end, an unwanted and unexpected result.

See how it is the correct way to do bulking!

Know the types of bulking and know which one is the best

Unfortunately, it is impossible to gain only lean mass in the bulking phase. This is because caloric intake increases and inevitably there is a considerable increase in fat.

In order for this not to be a problem, it is important to have professional support, such as a personal trainer.

This means that this practice cannot be done anyway: the idea is to put on weight avoiding malefic fat, so that the weight loss process is quick and healthy afterwards. Thus, bulking can be subdivided into two types: dirty bulking and clean bulking. Understand how each one occurs!

Dirty Bulking: What is it?

dirty bulking

With the idea of ​​increasing calorie consumption, many people end up consuming excess fat without regard to food quality. Like this, get fat without quality and they gain more fat than they should, doing more harm than good.

Ideally, keep your body fat percentage between 12% and 18% – so professional follow-up is essential to guide you in the practice of clean bulking.

Clean Bulking: Why is it Better?

clean bulking

Best training in the bulking phase

Now that you know what is the off-season, you must be curious to understand her relationship with training. At this stage, it is essential to adopt a training focused on strength, reducing repetitions in each exercise so that the production of growth hormones can happen.

To learn more about how to train in the bulking phase, such as number of repetitions, exercises and tips, read the post “Know which bulking phase is the best training”, there is everything explained.

The relationship of bulking with the brand.

The Bulking brand emerged in 2013, due to the lack of specialized clothing brands in the fitness / bodybuilding sector, aiming to serve the public that takes the gym as a lifestyle.

As the off-season phase is so important for bodybuilding, we draw inspiration from it and name our company, which illustrates our products well.

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