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What Is Conscious Consuming?

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What is it

Mindful food devotees seek to sense feelings of hunger and desire to listen to what their bodies want to eat, while keeping in mind basic nutritional principles such as protein intake.

The professionals

There is no calorie count, no forbidden foods and much less obsession. "Counting calories, macros or points is not only exhausting, it can also be tedious. It's more realistic to listen to your body, "says Lisa R. Young, Ph.D., R.D.N.


While not intuitive, you will probably experience less cravings and fewer stitches. "When you start listening to your internal signals, you not only eat everything in sight, but also pay attention to what your body demands – and it's probably not really a box of cookies," says Young. You need to make sure you eat protein with every meal to maintain your muscles.


The disadvantages

Intuitive eating takes time to learn – and this learning curve may involve initial weight gain. And the diet only works if you really take the time to listen to what your body needs. If you do not have the patience to recognize your inner signals, the plan will not succeed, says Young.

Mindful food may not be a good idea for bodybuilders or competitive athletes in the season, if they need to achieve certain macro goals to build muscle mass, fat loss or fuel mileage, she adds.

Best for

People who are exhausted from the rigidity of counting macros and following a plan – the man who has failed with traditional diets and is ready to let go of the reins, regain his sanity and be at peace wherever his body goes based on what his hunger and healthy desire tell him.



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