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Well being Advantages of These Easter Eggs

by Matt Weik

When Easter arrives this April, many families will decorate Easter eggs. They will cook the eggs hard and then decorate them all with a variety of colors. When everything is said and done, you are not sure what to do with the eggs. Are you throwing them in the trash? Crap no! You eat these little protein-rich gems!


Eating eggs has many health benefits. In the past, eggs were demonized until investigations finally revealed that the allegations against eggs were invalid. With this in mind, you should definitely include eggs in your weekly diet. Since you've already made the Easter eggs, you can use them to your advantage.

The many advantages of consuming these colorful Easter eggs

These Easter eggs that you consume contain healthy fats that bring many benefits to humans. An egg contains about five grams of fat and about four grams of muscle building protein.

If you look at hard-boiled Easter eggs, you will notice that the content contains both an egg yolk and the protein portion. For some time, many of the egg yolks were thrown away because they thought it would raise cholesterol and was unhealthy. Since then, research has shown that the egg yolk contains both high quality protein and healthy fat. In addition, it has been found that eating eggs is not only a fantastic way to increase your daily protein intake, but can also be used after exercise to help build quality muscle mass.

There are even studies that have shown that the inclusion of egg yolk instead of protein alone can result in greater muscle growth potential. Why is this? Well, researchers found that eating whole eggs after exercise increased muscle-protein synthesis compared to protein alone.

While the muscle building skills have been seen by many, there are some other benefits to eating those delicious Easter eggs you made for the holiday. Below are some of the health benefits you can achieve.

Weight loss

If you want to lose weight, it's important to look for foods that are nutritious but don't contain a ton of calories. Each whole egg is around 80 calories, and thanks to its protein and fat content, you'll feel full longer (which can help prevent hunger pangs and prevent you from overeating all day).


Eye health

Research has shown that eating whole eggs, thanks to its carotenoid content – especially zeaxanthin and lutein – can slow the progress of macular degeneration.

Pregnancy health

Ladies, this is for you. Consuming eggs during pregnancy has been shown to help prevent birth defects thanks to the vitamins and minerals found in whole eggs. However, it should be noted that you need to make sure that the eggs you consume are fully cooked and not raw. But eat these Easter eggs and take in some amazing nutrients like selenium, folic acid and choline.

Cardiovascular health

Help keep your heart healthy and reduce your risk of stroke by eating up to seven of these delicious Easter eggs a week. It should go without saying, but heart health is extremely important as it keeps you alive. So take care of your ticker by adding a few whole eggs to your diet every week.

Brain health

Besides your heart, the brain is another important part of your body that you want to keep healthy. Choline in whole eggs is extremely strong and plays a role in regulating the brain and nervous system. It has also been found that eating eggs regularly helps lower the rate of dementia.

Bone health

Whole eggs contain a good amount of natural vitamin D. Not only can vitamin D help improve the overall quality of your bones and keep them strong, vitamin D also strengthens the immune system.

Hair and nail health

Those who consume whole eggs can dramatically increase their B12 and sulfur levels. If you want to improve the health of your skin and nails, adding more eggs to your diet can help both grow faster.

Don't be afraid of these colorful Easter eggs and throw them away after the fun ends and the holiday is over. Make it your goal to consume healthier whole eggs weekly to reap all the health benefits.

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