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Weekend Exercise: Depart No Muscle Untouched with These Three Routines

Sometimes you need to break away from overcrowded gyms and the same old routine that may have got stuck on a stubborn plateau. Kira Stokes is here to provide you with a healthy and heartbreaking alternative. With the latest offer from their “Gym time” app. You’ll be able to exercise your entire body – or focus on a specific part of your body.

Each circuit of each program is designed to keep you moving throughout your workout – no time is wasted. Every workout will make you feel energized and want more.

Derived from “The Stoked Method”, it is the culmination of the star fitness trainer’s more than 25 years of practical experience, which leads to a wide range of workouts that are based on her scientifically sound training methods and deliver consistent results. (Just check out their IG – and their arms!


It’s “gym time”

Fast forward to today, Gym Time, a powerful addition to the Kira Stokes Fit app, now allows you to go to any gym and do a specific body part or full body circuit workout in just one focused area of ​​the gym. No more running around the gym to complete your circuit.

The advantages? “By staying in the same area throughout your workout, you never have to risk losing the device, working on it, sharing it with someone else, or figuring out what to do next,” says Stokes. With Gym Time, the hunt for equipment is a thing of the past!

Stokes’ mission for Gym Time is for everyone to have the knowledge and confidence to work their way through an entire training cycle efficiently and effectively using the highly curated, shape-oriented Gym Time Circuits. And with Stokes at your fingertips, you’ll never question whether you’re getting a move wrong.

Decide where your gym is

Exercising doesn’t necessarily mean what it once did – and makes travel times a lot less hectic and time-consuming. “The gym can be anywhere; it could be in your living room, basement, or home gym, ”says Stokes. The app just requires more equipment, ranging from using heavier dumbbells, cables, TRX, medicine ball, or a bench.

In each video, Stokes walks you through the necessary equipment, setup, and specific form hints, then walks you through the route once. You can then do the round two more times on your own or rewind and repeat as you wish.

Whether you’re a 250 pound man who has been training for 20 years and want to try something new, or a 140 pound woman just starting out, Gym Time has a place for you!


Time to sweat with Kira Stokes Gym Time

Whole-body warm-up dynamic core

Equipment: medicine ball or light / medium dumbbell
Do the entire round 3 times with as little rest as possible
(or as much rest as needed).

a practice
Choppers 12-15 reps Rotation Sweep 10-12 reps (each side) Low to high rotation chop
10-12 repetitions (each side)
Squats / Chest Presses 8-10 reps with 3 seconds hold

Full-body dynamic warm-up

Equipment: body weight only Perform the entire circle 2-3 times, with as little calm as possible
(or as much rest as needed).

a practice
Walk-Out Combo – Plank / thoracic spine rotation 3-5 repetitions (each side, alternating) Reverse Hop to Plank Combo –

Plank to reverse bear crawl to reverse hop

6-8 reps Hamstring Kick 6-8 reps (each side, alternating) Quad Stretch / Hinge 6-8 reps (each side, alternating) One-legged deadlift with rotation 6-8 reps (each side, alternating)

Back & core

Equipment: Cable setup with straight bar attachment and physio bar Perform the entire lap 3 times, with as little calm as possible
(or as much rest as needed).

a practice
Lat pull 12-15 reps Physio Ball Rollouts 12-15 reps Physio Ball Situps 12 full reps, 8 pulses, 5 full reps

Triceps & Lower Body

Equipment: Cable setup with straight bar attachment Perform the entire lap 3 times, with as little calm as possible
(or as much rest as needed).

a practice
Reverse-Grip Triceps Press 12-15 repetitions Basic Grip Triceps Press 12-15 repetitions Triceps pushup to jump 12 full repetitions, 8 pulses, 5 full repetitions Fallback / chair position Iso Hold 10 pulses
5 fallback squats
10 impulses

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