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Walden Farms Salad Dressing: A Weight Loss Savior?

by Matt Weik

So listen to me because I know the word “lettuce” is about as painful as a root canal. I like to experiment with different things to see how I can take a low calorie option (like a condiment) and use it in different ways to make things I usually already eat even healthier. And that’s why I got some Walden Farms salad dressings.

Not only can I use these to add flavor (without calories) to my salads, but I’ve found several other uses for them as well. To be clear, no, I’m not a weight loss freak or anything who eats salad every day. However, every now and then I grill chicken breasts, cut them into pieces and add them with some vegetables. The question is always which dressing to use, which is another reason I got the salad dressing from Walden Farms.


Walden Farms Salad Dressing: Tasty Options

I’m a sucker for healthier options for everyday foods / ingredients / condiments. It is no surprise that I have products from different brands that contain things like zero calorie and sugar free pancake syrup, ketchup, coffee creamer, etc. I just add this Walden Farms salad dressing. And honestly, why not? It’s not that you have to worry about the date running out on you and throwing it away. They all have decent expiration dates – provided what you bought wasn’t on a shelf somewhere for a year and you were the lucky winner to pick the one with short dating.

But here I am. Walden Farms’ salad dressing is available in 22 different flavors. This is more than enough to give you a crazy variety and something to suit everyone’s taste preferences. However, because of the immense variety of associations, it gives you more options to play with in terms of usage.

How do I use these bandages? It’s not just salads

Of course, you can use Walden Farms’ salad dressing for, well, salad. And if you want something completely different, I recommend the raspberry vinaigrette, the sesame-ginger vinaigrette, the superfruit-balsamic vinaigrette, the honey-balsamic vinaigrette, the sun-dried tomato vinaigrette or the pear-white balsamic vinegar. Vinaigrette.

When salads aren’t your thing and you’re like me, I like to be creative and think outside the box. For example, my family loves Buffalo Chicken Dip. Even my 7 year old and two 2 year old twin sons love it. One of the ingredients needed for the Buffalo Chicken Dip is ranch dressing. Well, tossing a bunch of ranch dressing into the mix can add a boatload of calories. These calories may be good for my kids, but not for my wife or me. Well, by using Walden Farms’ salad dressing, you can use their ranch variety and save on calories.

Another way to use these dressings is for snacking. If you put a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in front of me at night, I wouldn’t even need a spoon – I’d find a way to devour them all. So to keep from getting a big ass, I opt for sliced ​​veggies late at night (assuming I have something in the fridge). It sounds boring, but when you have a variety of dressings to spice things up with, it’s not bad at all.

I like to eat sliced ​​celery, carrots, peas, broccoli, and cherry tomatoes. This is where dressing comes in. I change it and use everything from the ranch, the chipotle ranch, the bacon ranch, the creamy bacon, the sweet onion, and the island thousand.


Would you like to take things a few notches? Try using Walden Farms’ salad dressings as toppings on your burgers and chicken. Or better yet, use it as a marinade or “sauce” for your grilled chicken breast. You can get creative with it according to your individual tastes and preferences, but almost all dressings can be used on burgers and chicken.

You can put Chipotle Ranch, Bacon Ranch or Creamy Bacon on top of your burger.

To your simple old, boring grilled chicken breast, you can add some savory Italian sweet onion, pear and white balsamic vinaigrette, creamy bacon, sun-dried tomato vinaigrette, honey balsamic vinaigrette, sesame ginger, chipotle ranch, bacon ranch or Add honey to Dijon.

The fact is, and what I want to drive home, is that with over 22 variations and flavors available, you always have healthier options on hand to get creative with your meals and seasonings. Sure, are there BBQ sauces and various spices on the Walden Farms salad dressing? For sure. But I want this to help you open your eyes to what is out there to spice up your boring meals, whether you’re trying to gain high quality lean muscle or lose unwanted body fat.

Too many people think that you need to eat boring foods to see results in gaining lean muscle mass or losing weight, and this is not true.

Diversity is the spice of life!

What does the profile look like?

If you’re looking for a clean profile, it’s hard to find dressings that even come close to Walden Farms salad dressing. Looking at the profile you are getting no calories, net carbs, fat, sugar, and dairy or gluten of any kind. At the end of the day, think of all the calories you can save by putting in Walden Farms salad dressing Integrate your rotation and swap it out for the calorie and sugar-filled options you likely have in your fridge or pantry.

Would I recommend the Walden Farms salad dressing?

By the time you’re reading this article, you already know the answer. Of course I would. I wouldn’t recommend anything I have used or tried and I can safely say that Walden Farms’ salad dressing is the real deal. You won’t be disappointed if you try them out. In fact, if you’re like me you’ll end up with a whole pantry full of their products (yes, even the chocolate syrup my family likes to put on their ice cream, and their pancake syrup for waffles, pancakes, and French toast).

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