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VOSS Pushing Innovation with VOSS+ in Bottled Water Market

by Matt Weik

While I’m generally not a fan of “outsiders” dipping their toes into the dietary supplement market, VOSS is taking it easy by bringing a few functional drink-inspired products to market that I think do exceptionally well and don’t change much about them or to change the current market for dietary supplements and sports nutrition.


I always found VOSS a cool brand. They use both glass bottles and 100% recycled PET plastic bottles. Your product and packaging have a very clean and fresh look that really sets them apart from all the “water bottle” products you find on the shelves and refrigerators of your favorite gas stations and grocery stores.

So what is this “innovation” that I am talking about that VOSS is bringing onto the market? Well, it’s nothing earth-shattering, but the three specific products they launched should do you good and potentially open more doors to the brand in the health and supplement space in the future.

VOSS presents new VOSS + mineral water in bottles

Everyone knows the importance of water to overall health and optimal body function. VOSS has decided to expand its range by developing a premium functional water under its so-called VOSS + line. While the original bottles from VOSS were clear and had a luxurious look and feel, the VOSS + line offers colored bottles that represent the various functional ingredients they contain.

VOSS + has brought three different functional water products onto the market – one with Aquamin®, one with vitamin D and one with collagen.

While many in the sports nutrition and nutritional supplement industry would yawn such products, I can absolutely see that their target demographic is behind this introduction and use of these functional water products. In fact, the combination of the three drinks could easily cannibalize their original water sales.

VOSS + Aquamin®

Even if the new products in the VOSS + line have nothing revolutionary about them, I have to respect what they have included in their new line. As the name suggests, the patented Aquamin® has been added to the VOSS + Aquamin® drink, a unique mixture of minerals and electrolytes from Iceland’s coastal seas. In total, it contains 74 trace elements and electrolytes to improve hydration and support a healthy and active lifestyle.


I can absolutely see this be a huge hit during the summer months when people are by the pool or on the beach wanting bottled water that also replaces some of the key minerals lost through sweat.

VOSS + vitamin D.

If 2020 opened our eyes to anything, it was that we all need to focus more on our health and wellbeing (both physical and mental). One of the most significant risk factors uncovered over the past year was the fact that many Americans are vitamin D deficient. Whether poor diet or lack of sun exposure, the vast majority of those who suffered worst from the pandemic appeared to have this deficiency.

Although I don’t believe for a second that VOSS decided to bring its VOSS + Vitamin D Functional Water to market in order to solve the worldwide problems with the pandemic, the fact is that vitamin D has a number of advantages that everyone can use .

This VOSS + vitamin D contains 50% of your recommended vitamin D intake, which I would have liked to see higher. Vitamin D isn’t that expensive, and you could have added more than 10 mcg to the bottle.

VOSS + Vitamin D comes in a refreshing, citrus-enriched taste (“Citrus Essence”, to be precise) and still has 0 calories and 0 g sugar (and no sweeteners).

VOSS + collages

Another aromatic product in the VOSS line is VOSS + Collagen. This is a Berry Essence flavor that contains 40 calories per bottle with 0g of sugar and no added sweeteners.

VOSS is really aimed at the female population group, and collagen supplements are a huge hit with women these days. Collagen helps improve the health of your skin, hair, and nails, and the fact that you can get 10g of collagen per bottle makes it the perfect functional water drink to kill two birds with one stone.

Where can you find these drinks?

If you like functional drinks or are just looking for premium bottled water with some additional benefits, you can find the new VOSS + Functional Waters on Amazon or in retail stores like CVS and Walmart. When you go to the VOSS website, by clicking “Buy” you will actually be redirected to the Amazon storefront page, which will show you their entire product portfolio along with the prices.

At the time of this writing, Amazon does not have these in stock and there is no price list either. I haven’t seen them in any retail store either, so I’m not even sure what they’ll cost.

Is the new VOSS introduction of VOSS + Functional Drinks something that you would include in your daily water intake along with some functional ingredients, or is the VOSS + line not of interest to you? ? Let us know in the comments below. When you have found and tried them out, let us know what you think.

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