Varieties of Whey Protein: Discover Out Which One Is Finest For You

One of the most famous supplements – if not the most – among bodybuilders is, in fact, whey protein. Everyone who starts gymnastics and sets goals realizes that it is not that simple to maintain an effective diet when it comes to gaining muscle, especially at the post-workout meal, where we need a fast-absorbing food that offers all the protein and components needed for muscle replacement.

In today's post, you will know what are the whey protein types and how each one works in our body. This will help you identify which one is best for your goal, whether it is losing weight or gaining lean mass.

So if you have questions about which variety of this supplement best fits your goal, keep reading: here you will get to know the operation of every kind of whey, understanding how to choose the right one for you.


What is Whey Protein?

It is a protein supplement based on whey protein. Extracting one kilogram of quality whey requires 2,000 liters of milk and is therefore a relatively expensive supplement.

But the advantages are numerous, since in its composition we find several amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, BCAA, glutamine and arginine. It's very complete, isn't it?

Great ally of bodybuilding athletes, the whey protein It has been gaining strength in different audiences, especially among people who want to increase muscle. That is, for those seeking hypertrophy.

This is because it acts directly on muscle repair. Whatever its variation, the supplement has many nutrients, as well as, of course, proteins that have high biological value. That's why he works on muscle repair: with whey, the microlesions caused in training are repaired, and the muscles get bigger and stronger. Thus, it is indispensable in the list of supplements to gain muscle mass.

Whey protein types

When buying this protein typeWe always wonder which option is best. For lack of knowledge, many people end up buying the cheapest, thinking that whey is all the same.

But no, whey is not all the same. There are basically three types: focused, isolated and hydrolyzed. See below the characteristics of each:


Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)

Concentrated whey is basically the first filtration process at the time of milk protein extraction. Thus, it is the type that has the most impurities – such as fats and carbohydrates – but, on the other hand, has a higher quality protein refinement.

WPC protein percentage ranges from 30 to 80% containing traces of lactose and milk fats in varying amounts. By presenting the protein intact, it offers a slower absorption.

This type can be used by the majority of the population that wants to add higher amounts of protein to the diet, however, it is not indicated for lactose intolerant people, or for those who have calorie restriction aiming at weight loss.

Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)

whey protein isolated

This is the purest of the supplement varieties as it undergoes a greater refinement and filtration process so that the WPC fat and lactose doses are removed.

Because of this, it has this name: milk protein is isolated, without the presence of the other substances. As a result, it offers rapid absorption and higher protein concentration.

This option is perfect for athletes looking for a higher protein intake in addition to lactose intolerant people.

Hydrolyzed Whey Protein (WPH)

hydrolyzed whey protein

The production of this type of whey is the most complex and, consequently, the product is more expensive. Like WPI, this version has no lactose or fatBut with one difference: WPH already comes with virtually free amino acids, with higher quality absorption by the body.

Therefore, it is best suited for athletes who need easier absorbing supplementsSince many have digestion difficulties, characterized by stress or other sensitivity – anyone who is an athlete knows that intestinal discomfort is very common due to substances such as lactose and the like.

Whey protein for women

whey protein for women

Women can take these three types of whey just like men. However, the market also offers whey options aimed exclusively at women, they feature differentiated compounds, such as hydrolyzed collagen and soy protein.

This soy protein has bioactive compounds that can help improve symptoms resulting from hormonal changes.

What is the best whey for me?

As we have seen, each variety of whey protein has different properties, and therefore is better suited to different organisms.

For those starting out with bodybuilding, for example, and looking for a complete, cost-effective supplement, the WPC It is a great option. However, they are not recommended for people with lactose intolerance or for those who wish to lose weight.

Already for athletes, for those who have higher physical performance, isolate and hydrolyzate are perfect, since their consumption will be based on a higher protein concentration per dose and a better biological value.

It will all depend on your specifics and your goal.

So what's your favorite type of whey? Leave in the comments which one you think is best and why! And if you want to read more posts about bodybuilding, follow our blog – here, we will bring differentiated content, focused on food, supplementation and fitness fashion, for the gym. Check out!

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