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Use This Exercise If You Have a Hangover


A bottle of beer has about 100 worthless calories. It offers no value – it's just garbage. If you throw back two, three, or four, the recommended total calorie intake will multiply decrease if you add it in addition to breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

But hey, we understand it: believers in balance and moderation like to relax and drink a beer here and there. Whether you're a fitness freak, a non-drinking fitness freak, or a habitual party hoppin, a crazy alcohol fan, this workout is designed to help you wipe clean the slate.


Is it probably a better idea to take the day off, pound water, sleep in it, and keep training for another day? Probably. But whatever. Make sure you are hydrated, and now go work things off.


The warm-up: Start with a 10-minute walk to get the blood pumping. Then do both supersets.

The workout: Perform these exercises as a cycle. Immediately move from one exercise to the next, and rest only 2 minutes after going through the entire cycle. Complete a total of 3 circles.

The ripper with 3 moves: Perform these exercises as a cycle. Go from one exercise to the next and perform each exercise until it fails. Complete a total of 3 circles.

Then go home and take a nap. You deserve it. (And if you're interested, here's a study that found that drinking has no effect on the movement.)


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