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This Canadian Pastor Is One of many Strongest Males within the World

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When you think of a pastor, you are probably imagining a smaller man hiding his nose in spiritual books all day. Kevin Fast knows that and he doesn't care that his hobby as a strong man is not what people expect from a Lutheran pastor.

Almost, 56, has around a dozen Guinness world records, he said in a video for the New York Post recently. His record accomplishments include pulling a 79,145 pound house, pulling a 30-foot fire truck, pulling a 416,299 pound plane, and winning an arm wrestling match with a 31,900 pound fire truck ( to name just one) a few).


He has been a pastor for 27 years, but he does not talk about his success as a strong man while preaching. In the gym, however, he realizes that his profession is developing.

"In the strength scene where I take part in competitions, people know that I am a pastor and they always ask me questions and want help or my opinion on various things," he said in the video. "So in church I am just a pastor, and in strength I am also a kind of pastor there."

What's even more amazing is that he doesn't seem to spend the whole day at the gym. In the same video, a personal trainer from his gym said that he "trains half an hour in the morning, then goes home and has some donuts and takes a nap, but he's still a lot stronger than anyone else I know. "

Almost says that even now he is often afraid when assessing his next strengths. But he moves past pain and channels his mental strength to get it done. His strength is so remarkable that the University of Southern California studied his body and found that his bones are thick and dense and that his body can release adrenaline on command.

"I think it was a gift that God gave me and I use it as long as I have the gift, so I'm still strong," Fast said.

Watch the full video below to see how Fast is in action and how he does the strengths.



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