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This 82-Yr Outdated Powerlifter Took Down a Dwelling Intruder With a Desk

ABC 13 / YouTube

Willie Murphy of Rochester, NY, was at home preparing for the bed when an intruder almost ruined her night. But Murphy, an 82-year-old grandmother living alone, showed the guy who is the boss and knocked him down with a table. Yes, a table.

"I'm alone and old, but you know what? I'm tough," said Murphy, an avid powerlifter, to ABC 13 in a video she shot at the YMCA where she trains, in her own words about the burglary and the subsequent beating, which she handed the allegedly drunken intruder on 22 November at 23:00 clock.


We suspect that the man who had knocked on her door and asked her to call an ambulance because he was "sick," had not exactly seen the octogenarian's tanned biceps before he opened the door and into her house urged. But Murphy knew she was strong enough to defend herself.

Murphy started hitting him with a table to knock him down, and in the end he actually landed in an ambulance. The only victim was the table Murphy had broken in the middle of the situation.

"He chose the wrong house he was going to break into," Murphy said to ABC 13. When he was down, she poured shampoo into his face and hit him with a broom. When the police arrived there, they were so impressed that they all wanted a picture.

Ms. Murphy stood shoulder to shoulder with Genesee Section officials after an intruder tried to break into her home. Ms. Murphy is tough and fights off the intruder. Ms. Murphy was standing with some officials answering to her home.


– Police of Rochester, NY (@RochesterNYPD), November 25, 2019

Murphy literally turns against the intruder, and Murphy hopes he can inspire people of all ages to make fitness a priority.

Watch the full video in which Murphy tells her story:


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