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Theresa Ivancik Is Prepared for a Huge 2020!

by Christian Duque

IFBB Pro Theresa Ivancik continues to reach for the stars, while the women bodybuilding pro signs for another year as the official Wings of Strength brand ambassador. WOS, owned by industry icon Jake Wood, has been responsible for the renaissance of women's bodybuilding. As many thought, the division's days were almost as good as six or seven years ago, today it is stronger than ever.


In 2019, it was announced that the Olympia woman would return, and in 2020 Wood acquired both Olympia and Weider's publications. Theresa’s work with WOS and her decision to work with TC Muscle’s Brian Hoydic say it all.

This is an athlete who has set some very real goals and knows exactly what is required to achieve them. I have known Theresa for several years and have seen what she did as an athlete, a trainer and a business owner with her gym Harlan Fitness. I saw how she spent the hours working with Olympia Tan, I saw how much time and consideration she gave her fans, and I spoke to her enough to know what she wanted to do more to inspire others , not just women, but everyone to take care of their food, training and life in general. A great champion has so much more to offer than titles and awards. It has always been difficult to stand out in this industry. It has always been difficult to really make it, but the right people always do it. Work ethic is key, as is surrounding yourself with the right people and staying true to your goals.

Theresa has always been a hard worker. When I ran social media for IronMag Labs in 2017/18, we had a number of great, all original programs. We had some pretty good ones and I thought who better to represent more muscular and competitive women than Theresa? Her show, Whatever It Takes, was a cut above, delivering content from the heart that resulted in great hits, fantastic feedback, and a growing audience. As with everything she does, Theresa has always submitted fantastic content. That is the key for a professional athlete. Just as she would never appear in a formless contest, she would never let someone with a bad tan appear on the stage, and she would never post a video with her name on it unless it was really done. very good. There is a very commendable and old award from people who are proud of their work. These are the people you always want to have on your team. Take up your work with WOS. It's one thing to get an opportunity, but only those who work hard are asked to keep going.

Many athletes just don't want to run anymore. Theresa has worked behind the stage, from home, in her gym and even at exhibitions. If you really want to test a person's work ethic, check if they can edit a booth at the Arnold Classic. There is an uninterrupted rush of fans, and fans can test your patience. Some want autographs, some want photos, others ask you the same questions over and over again, some in perfect English, others in broken English, and many in languages ​​that are completely foreign to fitness stars. Some symbols will try to figure out what their fans are saying, whether through gestures or body language – damn it, some might ask them to draw a picture. If you have a top athlete who really cares, customer service becomes the name of the game, and Theresa is just that kind of person. Others just can't wait until it's time to leave just to lock the door, but that's because it's just a job for them.

Theresa loves bodybuilding. She works hard and it's work in the sense that she takes it very seriously, but it doesn't work in the sense that she has to get through it. I really believe that bodybuilding for them is comparable to TGIF for the 9 to 5 viewers. If you love what you do, it doesn't work, it lives. Bodybuilding is fun – people who love it never want the show to stop. These can be exhibitions, seminars, workouts or in-stores. it's glamorous, it's hardcore, it's inspiring too !!

It is also important to surround yourself with like-minded people. Everyone at Wings of Strength shares common values ​​like those described above. They want to help each other, they want to expand the sport and they want to reduce stupid misunderstandings. Muscle has no gender. Lifting weights and eating clean is great for everyone and there is a breakdown for everyone. WOS doesn't let WBB grow by casting shadows on a woman's body, figure or bikini. So you don't grow anything. Growth is about evolving, improving yourself, and if you can help others, why not?


Years ago, some female competitors, perhaps from other women's departments, teamed up with sexist men to ridicule more muscular women. Who knows why they got into this negative, evil mindset, but they did. Today, with WBB experiencing a renaissance and growing like wildfire, some of its stars may want to make a small repayment, but we haven't seen any of it. Great champions like Theresa are an example of the very forward-looking and positive attitude of great champions like Lenda Murray and WOS visionary Jake Wood. If people have been negative in the past, they have the present and the future to reassess a new leaf and hopefully turn it around.

Theresa knows what she wants to achieve and is on the right track. On the one hand, I want her to qualify for the 2020 Olympics, preferably with a solid professional victory, and to have a year full of guest poses and appearances in the shop as well as seminars. I would like to see more of her clients becoming professionals, more people beating them up for coaching, and inspiring many more women to compete in women's bodybuilding at the NPC and IFBB Pro League levels. Many of my hopes come true, many have already done so.

Be sure to keep an eye on Theresa Ivancik in 2020 and beyond !! Join the 162,000 great people who already follow her on Instagram at @tivancik_ifbbpro and follow her too !! As with everything she's dealing with, expect the best !! I think the absolute world of Theresa, her fiance Jeff, her trainer Brian and of course the Wings of Strength Family!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article here in Iron Magazine. I am looking forward to read your comments. Please don't forget to use the discount code IML15 to save 15% at – iincluding the new CBD Gummies !!!

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