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The Vacation Harm Management Routine to Keep Lean and Match All Winter

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This Christmas season, people will be celebrating and eating hard as if there were no New Year resolution that they can not achieve. But the sad truth is that most of these intentions can not be achieved or fail. Regardless of whether the goal is better overall health or weight loss, prevention and / or mitigation is the key to success.

Preparation before the holiday

It goes without saying that planning a diet before the holidays is a good idea. What I usually do is like a boot camp: reduce processed foods and work out at least four times a week.



Cut out all processed foods. Keep it simple – lean, high-quality meats, vegetables and a healthy fat source with every meal. Do not think about it and do not count calories. Just split your dish into these three staples and you will have a meal of your own. Do this now four times a day for women and five times a day for men.


I always used the planned overtraining during the holidays and it always worked. However, it takes more than two weeks to get the best results. Four to six weeks of comprehensive training are the optimal time frame. However, if your deadline is two weeks, you must end it for those two weeks, even if it means training twice a day. Deferment has a price.

If you, like me, do not have much time and prefer the traditional way of bodybuilding, this is the best option. It is the "Everything you can eat" workout. You can split it up in several ways: Train one or two body parts per day or pack it in two sessions a day.

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