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The right way to Be a Profitable and Resourceful Model Ambassador

by Matt Weik

Look at the bio of almost everyone on Instagram who has a page on fitness or bodybuilding these days and what do you see? “XYZ15 for 15% off your LMNOP Supplements order.” Can we blame them for using their social media followers to make extra money or get free supplements? Crap no! However, if you want to be a successful and resourceful brand ambassador, there are a few important things you need to bring with you.


In this article, I want to outline what to do and what to focus on in order to be a brand ambassador. When everyone signs up for a nutritional supplement brand ambassador program, what makes you stand out?

Brands are getting smarter these days and are much better able to review their brand ambassador applications. They want a team that will help them grow their sales, increase their brand awareness, and continue to build a strong community around the brand that consumers can be proud of. Unfortunately this is not always the case today.

Here are nine important things you need to know and focus on in order to be a successful and resourceful brand ambassador.

1. Complement knowledge

If you want to represent a nutritional supplement company and be a brand ambassador, you need to at least know about nutritional supplements and how to use them properly. I am by no means saying that you have to be a chemist and formulate products in your sleep, but at least know the different types of supplements, as well as the lineage you want to represent and how to use their products effectively.

2. Fitness knowledge

Dietary supplements and fitness go hand in hand. The supplements that you would advertise deal with fitness and exercise. Get a basic understanding of workouts, muscle groups, how the body works, why you use certain exercises, different exercise protocols, etc. so you can help people choose the right products for their individual needs. Remember that if you just post your coupon code everywhere without adding any value, you will not be a successful brand ambassador.

3. Actually buy and use the branded products

This is my biggest pet trouble. If you were so desperate to be a brand ambassador for a nutritional supplement company, they’d expect you to at least use their products. They are going to comb through your social media. You will be viewing the orders through their website. And if they don’t see that you are talking about their products or have bought about them in the past, your chances are very slim that they will bring you on board as a brand ambassador. You want authenticity. Not someone who just wants to make some extra cash.


4. Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk

If you want to be a brand ambassador, at least go the way and talk about things. If you weigh 400 pounds at 68% body fat and sit on the couch all day, don’t expect to attract the attention of a dietary supplement manufacturer. When they look at your social media they should see body shots, pictures of you exercising, pictures of you taking your supplements, and so on. Brands these days do their homework (at least the respectable brands) so that they can pick the best candidates. After all, you would be a direct reflection of them as people would look at you for confirmation that the products are working.

5. If you don’t know … ASK

It’s 100% acceptable not to have all the answers. If someone asks you a question online that you don’t know, tell them you’re not sure, but they will get the answer. Then, email or message your brand representative and ask them the question. Once you get the answer, get in touch with the person who originally asked the question. Don’t make up an answer that can be wrong that can legally put the brand in a pickle.

6. You are building a name, not wealth

Do you think this is your ticket to getting rich? Think again As a brand ambassador, it’s more about building your name while connected with a supplement company than a path to early retirement and a lambo. You should try to work with a brand that you use and love and it should be a mutual partnership where all parties win. If you are in for the money, you will be extremely disappointed with the results as you cannot live on coupon code commissions.

7. You represent a company

How you act not only reflects yourself, but also the business. If you act like a fool online, expect your brand ambassador to be removed. If you offer untrue, false, and potentially harmful advice, you are placing the company you represent in a vulnerable position. Now they may have to legally defend themselves against something you said or did and that won’t be to your advantage if you want a long term partnership with the nutritional supplement brand. In your role as a brand ambassador, be helpful (as well as factual) and polite.

8. If you’re not working, don’t expect to get paid

You get what you put into life out of life and it’s no different as a brand ambassador. Just because you have a coupon code that can earn you a commission doesn’t mean the money is guaranteed. If you’re not active out there trying to make sales and help people, no one is going to use your coupon code to make some cash. Not only that, but thinking that just because you helped someone else use your code is a pipe dream. They understand that using your code makes you money, and that can put some people off – and you just have to be okay with that fact.

9. If you spam everyone, it will damage you and the brand

As a brand ambassador, the last thing you want to do is spam your code so people can use it. If you do, you will become a part of the NFL Notice (the No Friends Left Club). As an example I see MLM companies. I’m sure you have lived through that time where someone kept pushing a brand on you and telling you over and over that the supplements are the best and when you make a purchase to use your code for a discount – you know the song and the dance that I’m talking about. This is a great way to stop friends and family from talking to you. It also damages the brand’s reputation and leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Be specific when promoting your Brand Ambassador Code and don’t just do the old “spray and bet” method in hopes of making some cash.

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