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The Olympia Returns to The Las Vegas Strip!

by Christian Duque

Don't you just love the truth in advertising? When Chief Olympia Officer Dan Solomon expected an important announcement today, Monday the 11th, he delivered !!


There will be an Olympic weekend in 2020, but it won't be anything like it, it will be the best of the best !! For starters, the main body-based sports competition will be held in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip at the Planet Hollywood Resort. The main productions on Friday and Saturday evenings take place in the world-famous Zappo & # 39; s Theater by Planet Hollywood (in the resort). Event staff are always aware of what fans want and always listen to feedback. For this reason, this year's event focuses on comfort and convenience and ensures an unforgettable experience. The date of the event was also changed to give the athletes as much time as possible to prepare for the event. The new dates are from December 16 to 20. These courageous measures had to be taken to ensure that the most important competition in bodybuilding and fitness took place.

For weeks now, everyone from athletes to fans to the media has been wondering what the status of the competition would look like. This was a very difficult year for everyone, but with countless competitions postponed and canceled, morale in our industry was definitely compromised. Since we are certain that the crown jewel of sports-based sports will happen, we can now focus on some of the battles to be fought in each division. Together with countless others, I am most interested in Open Men & # 39; s Bodybuilding, Women & # 39; s Bodybuilding and 212 Bodybuilding. What can I say? I'm all about bodybuilding !!

Will Brandon Curry successfully defend his Olympic title? I say yes!! That being said, he will have his work cut for him. There will be one of the most extensive competitions ever. There are rumors that Phil Heath could return – and that Kai Greene could return. We often read about these rumors, but it's a little different now. In a relapse to the time when Joe Weider owned the Olympia, we have a real fan in the new owner, Jake Wood.

The sale made headlines, but is said to have had an impact on two of the sport's largest and absent competitors. If one of these guys were making a comeback, the marketing potential would be huge, from dietary supplements to clothing to ticket sales. The media would have a great day, the message boards would light up, and the old rivalries – rekindled – would be something for the history books – and would hold talks for future generations. That being said, although both Phil and Kai have retained much of their size, I don't know that at 2 years and almost 5 years apart from the largest phase in bodybuilding, they would be able to return to that level in seven months. From a marketing perspective, it would be liquid gold again, but in terms of a Sandow's realistic profit, I would have to side with reality and say that this is unlikely.

The real competition for Brandon will come from the guys in the trenches, the guys who have lived the lifestyle, fought on stages around the world, and are really shooting for his title. I'm talking about the guys who didn't quit, who didn't quit. I'm talking about William "The Conqueror" Bonac, Roelly "The Beast", Winklaar, Mr. Olympia Dexter "The Blade" Jackson and The Egyptian Phenom, Big Ramy !! I also include Hadi Choopan (provided he can get a visa) and the 7x 212 Olympic Showdown Champion, The Welsh Dragon, James "Flex" Lewis. These are the most important people I'm sure they're on Brandon's radar.

There is also a possibility that Mr. Olympia Shawn "Flexatron" Rhoden will return in 2018, but I think it is more likely that we will see him in 2021. Another possibility is that 4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler will return from retirement. I would be deeply shocked if that were the case, but Dan Solomon said on stage: "There could be up to 4 Mr. Olympias," so the numbers have to add up somehow, right? The nice thing is there is an upper limit to the number of people he could realistically refer to.


In addition to the people mentioned above, there are some real threats on the horizon. You have Patrick Moore, Akim Williams, Maxx Charles and an incredibly dangerous guy in Steve Kuclo. There is also talk of Evan Centopani reaching the NY Pro stage. If he wins there, what will he bring to Vegas? Another guy and someone I really like is Nathan DeAsha – he's a factor in every competition, as is Sergio Oliva. The only guy with zero errors and the top 6 is Lionel Beyeke.

Open bodybuilding has a lot of talent !! There are some really dangerous people out there. What could someone like Cedric McMillan do 100%? In the past, Cedric almost hit Kai Greene with 100% with 100%, both in their heyday. My point is that while comebacks mean big returns, I don't know that these guys are realistically in line with all these active warriors. But you could always try it, it will just be everything from the fight !! It will be epic !!

Speaking of epic: Anyone who participates in the 2020 Olympic weekend and / or sees it online will witness the story when bodybuilding for women returns to the crown jewel of body sports. It is also important to point out how this department will return. It not only returns as added value, it comes back triumphant !!

What Wings Of Strength has done through its Rising Phoenix events, including the very impressive World Championships, over the course of half a decade has shown what can be achieved with this fantastic division. Knowing your product and knowing your audience are two important ingredients for a mega-success! Back when WBB was removed from Ms. International and later from the Olympic stage, people thought people didn't love muscular women, there was no demand for them, but whenever you went to one of the Expo (anywhere on the World), stands with muscular women, had snakes around the block and waited patiently in line. It is also about knowing your product and your audience. WOS was the game changer and its owner, Jake Wood, brought about a renaissance in the division.

We all knew that something special happened when Dan Solomon sold Digital Muscle and became Chief Olympia Officer. Suddenly things that seemed impossible were not only conceivable, they happened! When news came that AMI sold the Oympia to Jake, it was an even bigger game changer. Whenever you have someone who knows the sport, knows the audience and loves everything, you will have a much better one – EVERYTHING! Regardless of whether it's a competition, a brand or a general mood, everything is getting ten times better and that's exactly what happened. The guy who made women's bodybuilding a headlining event again is now the owner of the entire competition. WBB is coming back and will definitely receive the awards and respect it so much.

What is also very important when returning to female bodybuilding is the fact that you will have two epochs on the same stage. You have ladies who fought and prospered during the WOS run, but you can also see a significant number of women from the days before the division was removed from the Arnold and Olympia stages.

We all know that age is so old, and as far as men are concerned, there are people like Dexter Jackson and Kamal Elgargni who are extremely competitive until the late 1940s. However, the women are very different. While some men are competitive with age, I would say that most women get BETTER with age. I think there is quite a large number of women in their late 40s and 50s who could give women who are 10, 15 or even 20 years younger a very real run for their money. What makes things even more interesting is the fact that some women who may have retired may have had some rest for a few years. Who should say when they eat, exercise, massage and pose again that they actually look better than in their earlier heyday? This fact alone is enough to keep the current best awake at night!

With regard to 212 bodybuilding, competitiveness is equally stunning. Defending champion Kamal Elgargni, the lion of Libya, will defend his title against a group of highly competitive competitors. Similar to the Open, I could be here all day calling names. There's a much-debated, possible comeback from The Boston Mass, Jose Raymond, there's the undeniable power that Shaun "The Giant Killer" Clarida is, and veteran champions in Correa, Ashkanani, and Henry. There are John Jewett, Derek Lunsford and Guy Cisternino. In 2017 there is the 212 Arnold Classic Champion Charles "Tank" Dixon, which should never be overlooked.

The 212 is a division full of great competitors and a sea of ​​silent threats. Check out what happened to the media blackout last year. They had focused every single media show on one competitor and given some (but not much) love to a few others, but the guy who won didn't get a press to get the event going.

I am a bodybuilding fan, but besides bodybuilding there are six other departments, seven in total. There is something for everybody !!

I am so indescribably excited that I can hardly sit still. What is crazy is that it is only May 11th and this event will only take place in seven months. The excitement, enthusiasm and general anticipation make this event the greatest of all time. And the fact that it takes place outside as much as possible should give everyone the confidence to buy tickets and reserve rooms. It is also good news for athletes to give them all the tools in their arsenal to get ready. With the event in mid-December, every athlete can squat, deadlift and bench press. You have access to high-quality gyms and do not have to rely on broomsticks, rubber bands and sandbags to train with them.

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