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The Kai Greene Selection Present

by Christian Duque

Bodybuilders tend to take themselves too seriously. There are people who live this GQ lifestyle, show expensive cars and the fanciest threads and only post on social media if they eat in an elegant place, stay in a chic hotel or celebrate in an exotic club. However, many of these people don't have a pissing pot, but that's neither here nor there. The reality is that fans don't identify with athletes regardless of the sport that tends to keep their fame and fortune above the heads of those who support them.


There is a clear difference between followers on Instagram and real fans in real life. There are people who are famous on paper and people who actually appeal to a large audience. Kai Greene was never about broadcasting his large audience, how much money he had or how influential he was about the sport. Although he hasn't been on stage for almost half a decade, his presence has never been an issue. Unlike Ferrigno, with whom he is often compared, Greene never left the scene. When you consider that Kai continued to train like he did in the biggest competitions in the world and when you stop thinking about how much work he has to do to keep the amount of muscle he has on his body starts to understand that you are not dealing with a poser. This is a guy who lives bodybuilding, he is bodybuilding.

You don't have to be that big, train so hard just to sell supplements. You also don't have to lift like a top-notch guy. How do we know how Kai lifts? Because he constantly documents it and because the training has a direct influence on the body that he has built up. It all plays a key role. His diet also goes around. This is a guy who makes a million guest appearances around the world. He goes to India, Pakistan, China and it's always the same. He is bullied !! In some countries, his convoy is similar to that of a foreign dignitary. There are hip-hop stars and rock gods who don't get this treatment, but a bodybuilder? Sometimes fans hyperventilate. This is because Kai Greene has exceeded bodybuilding in his own way. He has reached a point where he no longer has to compete. In many ways, he's like Rich Piana. Rich wasn't even a professional, but what did he care? He was the most popular bodybuilder in the world. The same applies to Kai, but all the more so because he is a professional and fights with the best on the Olympic stage.

Kai won the Olympics for many people. He may not have won it on paper, but for millions around the world, he's your choice. That might mean crouching in the history books or in the Hall of Fame, but it certainly means something when the same people express their purchasing power. Kai Greene, the brand, has achieved enormous returns from Kai Greene, the person. From inserts to e-books to films and media, fans cannot get enough. You know more about Kai than pretty much any other bodybuilder combined. Kai Greene fans get Kai, they get his theater masks, his headstands and his often deep metaphysical, intellectual trick for which others clown him. Real KG fans appreciate his eccentricity and celebrate it. I personally love its content because it is very different from EVERYTHING we see on Instagram.


I want to challenge you. You already know how we get to Iron Magazine. We think outside the box. So grab your phone (assuming you're reading this on a laptop; if not, minimize this article) and head over to your Instagram. Watch every post of the day from people you follow. There is a possibility that you will see training clips, pictures of meals, supplemental content and possibly some workout articles at home. Maybe you see friends and family occasionally, maybe something abstract like street art or something cultural, although there are really few. Now go to Kai Greenes IG if you haven't followed her yet.

On Kai Greenes IG you can see videos of him in drag, a video with him as Sho Nuff with a cameo by long-time friend and bodybuilding colleague Victor Martinez and even some self-help clips. Who still has such content? Who else puts this kind of thought and time in their content?


For this reason, the Kai Greene Variety Show is a huge success. Not only has he pushed the card in terms of creativity for years, he's also a trendsetter and he knows his fans like the back of his hand. The naysayers and the critics will always have something negative to say, but they are also the people attached to Kai & # 39; s every word. Stars don't create with haters in mind, they don't limit themselves to what the critics might say. In fact, some of Hollywood's best writers, directors, and producers have never read the reviews. Many don't even have the (Hollywood) Review or Variety (newspapers). You could honestly be less interested. Kai is like that. It's just about the fans.

Haters will hate it – there is no rhyme or reason for how they work. At the moment, many of them are more concerned with Kai in Drag for part of his vaudeville show than what he is trying to do, what it is to entertain people and create something cool. Ultimately, the question arises whether you are a fan or a hater. The sport is boring at the moment, there's not a lot going on, so this type of program can really do something cool to offer fans something to watch. I'm excited to see what Kai and his team can do. Just seeing Kai and Victor's clip was incredibly cool. Sho & # 39; nuff, the Harlem Shogun is one thing, but Kai has made his character the Brooklyn Shogun – CLASSIC !! Greene takes the new and the old and makes it something very special. You call that – real talent! Don't you agree?

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