The Hole Physique: The Most Essential Talent to Grasp

Hollow Rocks and Hollow Holds: It's quite possible that you did them wrong, so it's even better that they do not translate to improve your other gymnastics abilities – such as ring rows, pull ups, pushups, handstand, and toning – more efficiently.

What do I mean by hollow body posture??


It is characterized by a shortening of the anterior part of the trunk (abdominal muscles are contracted) and a tilt of the posterior pelvis (to achieve the inclination of the posterior pelvis, remember to squeeze your butt cheeks). Ultimately, this puts your body in a hollow or banana-shaped position – hence the name.

If you are in a hollow holding position on the ground, it means that only your butt and lower back touch the ground. Your shoulder blades and extended legs should not touch the ground, your heels should float just a few inches above the ground and your arms should be straight above the head and press your ears.


This position should look the same for most of the gymnastics we do in the gym, whether it's a pull-up, a row of rows or a handstand.

In the picture below, you can see feet, hips, vertebrae, shoulders, and hands stacked in a perfect position in a handstand.

Handstand with hollow handle.

A word about the frequent mistakes of Hollow Hold

When I see people performing hollow rocks and hollow handles, often none of the above standards are met. Sometimes the feet are too high in the air and the person is in an almost L-shaped position. Another time, the lower back separates from the floor, and another time the shoulder blades remain on the floor.

And the more tired you become, the more the position collapses …

On the pull-up bar and in the handstand, this inability to hold a strong hollow body position usually results in a massive spinal extension that we want to avoid,

In short, if you can not keep a stable hollow body position on the ground for a good 45 seconds to a minute, all gymnastics moves are a little more dangerous in terms of developing injuries as well as being a little less efficient.

Here are five ways you can begin building the Hollow Body position to gain the necessary Nuclear Power and Stability to gain advanced gymnastic abilities.

1. Deadbug Holds

Holding the dead bug.

The key here is to make sure your lower back stays on the floor. The bigger the angle between your shins and quads and between your quads and your upper body, the harder it gets. Start with a 90 degree angle. If not challenging, push your legs away from your body to extend your angle.

Test: Can you keep a perfect deadbug hold for 3 minutes?

2nd Wall Deadbugs

Wall deadbugs.

The idea is to push your hands into the wall to build more tension in your body. Concentrate on pushing as hard as possible to keep your core in flames. No matter how fit you are, working to build maximum tension in your body will be difficult.

Log 2-3 minutes (break up as needed).

3. Banded deadbugs

The banded deadbug.

Similar to the Wall Deadbugs, the band adds tension and forces you to work harder to maintain the perfect position.

Log 2-3 minutes (break up as needed).

4. Straight Legged Deadbug Holds

Hold the straight cut bug.

If your flexibility allows, try them out. Keep your lower back and buttocks on the floor and your legs outstretched.

Perform 3 sets of 30 seconds to 1 minute hold per leg.

5. Upgrades

With abutments, you can edit the hollow body position more dynamic. Concentrate on doing this under control (two seconds to straighten up and two seconds to release into the hollow body holding position).

Record 3 sets of 8-20 repetitions at a slow pace.

Master these and a hollow body handle and hollow stones will feel like a breeze!

The hollow mash-up

If you think your hollow body position is already quite solid, try this mashup test for hollow bodies. Can you keep it up?

10 V-Sits 15 Tuck-Ups 20 Hollow Rocks 30 Seconds Hollow Hold

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