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‘The Greatest Loser’ Coach Steve Cook dinner’s Exercise Routine

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Steve Cook is terrible at keeping secrets. With his 2.5 million Instagram followers, he shares almost every aspect of his life. His boulder shoulder workouts. Challenges and questions and answers with his girlfriend Morgan Rose Moroney. What he eats in a day. His global adventures. His adorable French bulldog Hobbes (who has 38,000 IG followers himself). That was why Cook was so relieved when he finally revealed his biggest secret last September – that he was the new coach for the restart of The Biggest Loser from USA Network. "I felt really weird not to share things (for weeks)," he told his 1.26 million YouTube subscribers. "I had to be in complete silence."

The popular reality sweepstakes series, in which the participant with the highest weight loss received $ 250,000, ran on NBC for 17 seasons. Cook was still in high school when it first premiered in 2004.


"I remember looking at it and being amazed at how intense the coaches were, especially Jillian (Michaels), and how much weight people could lose in a relatively short amount of time," recalls Cook. I kept thinking: 'This is crazy. I would never shout and scream like that to my customers. "But there were some amazing results at the same time."

Now the sneaker is on the other side, and the 6'1 ", 215-pound chef is taking a holistic approach to motivating his blue team. The teams with Erica Lugo as the red team coach also have access to nutritionists -site docs and therapists to complete their transformations.

"I always say," It's not just what you eat, but what you eat, "says Cook." He's like the big brother I never wanted, "Lugo quips, proving that the competition between red and blue OG trainer Bob Harper is back, this time as the host, and gave Cook some wise advice for the season, saying, "These are your babies, you are their contact and they will do whatever." you tell them, "And that's a big responsibility, you know, that I don't take lightly."

While Lugo used her own dramatic weight loss to connect with her team (she lost 160 pounds), Cook relied on his own upbringing and struggled with the food to connect with his.

"I remember working in a restaurant and being at the back and filling my face with ice because I didn't want anyone to see me. I thought I had to look perfect. And I think people can relate to it. "

Cook grew up in Boise, ID, the middle of seven children. His father was a high school coach who had the key to the weight room. Cook discovered his passion for weight lifting at an early age. In the sixth grade he put 225 on the bench. "My father used to say you either have the current that flows through you when you take a barbell, or you don't."


Cook loved the feeling of getting stronger – of course it didn't hurt that he got more looks. "Girls came and asked," May I touch your chest? "He says." It was really the first time that I thought, "Oh, you will be noticed for it."

Cook played soccer from the age of 7 to college, and while his team was pretty good in high school, "I learned how to lose in college," he says. A broken ankle gave no chance of pursuing a career on the grate. Cook was a semester before graduation. He got married, but his wife cheated.


Here was Cook, a 23-year-old divorce, at home with his parents and worked as a waiter in the Texas Roadhouse. It was waking up. "I needed something to focus on," he says, and that's when he started taking part in natural bodybuilding competitions. Then came the opportunity that would change his life and career. On the 2010 Olympic weekend, Muscle & Fitness organized a search for male models for the first time, in which the winner had a chance of a future cover.

The surprising constitution he wanted to strive for? Pro bodybuilder Steve Reeves, who came to Hollywood as a sword and sandal star – especially in Hercules from 1958. Cook woke up at 6:00 p.m. every day, came home at 11:00 p.m. and then trained for the competition and worked to get his degree in biology / psychology. "I didn't have a social life," he says. "But I had a sense of purpose."

According to Cook, the M&F search for male models was essentially a test bed for men's physique. “It was the first time that you had 250 guys on stage wearing board shorts. There were no bodybuilding poses. The NPC and IFBB Pro League determined how popular they would be, and when they saw the turnout, they said, "Oh, we need to create a new division."

Koch was chosen as the champion. "It was like a flood of emotions. All the hard work, the victims.

I felt confirmed. “The victory opened occasional doors. "A few months later, I won the search for spoke models, signed with Optimum Nutrition, traveled the world, and my fitness career exploded at that point." In 2013 and 2014 he worked in the newly created department for men's physics at Mr. Olympia. At this time he also received a cover at Muscle & Fitness in 2013.

He has made this a successful online coaching business. But a decade after M&F changed his life, something was still missing. The biggest loser filled this gap. "I kind of got away from this one-to-one connection," he says. "But when you help people who are literally life or death to lose weight, it really made new sense to me. It's not about how we look, but how healthy we are mentally, physically and are emotional. "

You need to sign up for The Biggest Loser on the USA Network to see if Cook or Lugo coach the future winner, but it promises cool new team challenges, sincere stories, and amazing changes. And Cook himself was transformed by experience. "I also learned to love myself just as much," he says. "Health is not a goal, but a mindset."

"At The Biggest Loser, I was more concerned with functional workouts and bodyweight workouts that test active muscle endurance and your cardiovascular system." Cook recommends doing only one of these workouts at a time. If you are more advanced, you can try all three.

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