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The Dumbbell Chest Routine for Extra Muscle in four Weeks

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We love the barbell bench press as much as you do, but just because you've been doing it every Monday night since high school doesn't mean you can't change it every now and then.

Squeezing with dumbbells is safer for your shoulders and activates more pectoral muscles, which means more targeted training directly on your chest. In times when you only have access at home or at the hotel gym, dumbbells are the best weapon you have.


Follow this routine for four weeks and we bet you will add an extra inch to your breast.


How it works

Dumbbells don't make you as heavy as dumbbells, so don't fight them. Instead, follow this workout, which focuses on higher repetitions and keeps the muscles under constant tension so that they work to the point of exhaustion.

With dumbbells, you can also train your muscles through a larger range of motion – if you push with a barbell, you will be cut a few inches too short – and force imbalances between the sides will be corrected.

If you're in such a bare-footed gym that the dumbbells you still have aren't heavy enough to provide a sufficient challenge, just do your reps slower. In your race for bigger wins, slow and steady is sometimes the fastest way.



Do the training once a week and rest at least one day before and after shoulder training. The exercises marked A, B and C are carried out one after the other so that you can do one set at a time without taking a break.

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