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The Dominican Dominator Nonetheless Kicking!

by Christian Duque

If you've been a bodybuilding fan for more than ten years, you know the name Victor Martinez. Damn if you are a bodybuilding fan you should be very familiar with Victor. In 2007 he won the Arnold Classic and took a razor-sharp second place with Jay Cutler in Mr. Olympia.


His professional career has lasted well over a decade and a half, achieving great success, the highest awards and winning fans around the world. Unlike his contemporaries, Martinez worked with a single company and established itself across the industry. His other long-time sponsor, Muscular Development, presented him prominently. His connections to MHP and MD were tremendous for his success and he was great for them. That's what you call win-win relationships.

Consistency is a key element to The Dominican Dominator's success. It is a concept that has been lost in many sizes, many of which are just jumping around aimlessly. Victor is not a flip-flop, he speaks his mind and he is a champion that should be taken very seriously. He sees the big picture, always has it.

Martinez is old school. He is also very loyal to his friends and shows them love and support in all environments. Take his friendship with Kai Greene. Whenever other competitors had fun at Greene's expense, like at the Olympic press conferences, many laughed, but not Martinez. This may be a minor matter for you, but opposing the crowd is old school. When someone makes fun of your friend, you don't laugh. If someone says something that you disagree with, you can't just go with the flow. Martinez is also a product of its surroundings; He is a real New Yorker and that speaks directly for the old school, which is made up of code, honor and work ethic. Frank Sinatra said it best, if you can do it in New York, you can do it anywhere.

Age, especially in his case, is just a number. I can't tell you how much I think that's right. Other than that, there are people we call lag aging, such as Dexter Jackson, Darrem "Scarem" Charles, and The X Man Tony Freeman. We can't forget Masters Mr. O Vince Taylor either, but one name that is often forgotten is Victor Martinez.

For many it is timeless. His fans remember him as the 2007 uncrowned champion or the Arnold Classic Champ, but they don't see him as aging from that point on. They also don't notice that he has been active lately. The past decade has also been good for Victor. From the victory at Arnold Classic Spain to a huge victory in Canada to a victory in the United States in 2016 and 2017, Victor is ahead, even though he fell off the radar. At 46, just mentioning Martinez on stage, especially in Columbus, is enough to worry the competition. Could Victor win Arnold? Well, he's won it before, so anything is possible.

A key component that goes beyond simply assessing a bodybuilder's chances of winning is entertainment. I spoke in my recently published article about the 212 division for the iron magazine about entertainment and I will be happy to discuss it here in connection with the Arnold Classic 2020.


With the absence of Shawn Rhoden, the absence of Brandon Curry, the 2019 champion, and the supposed absence of others who have a familiar name like Victor Martinez in the mix, the key is key. Fans from all over the world will patiently wait for autographs, photos and high fives. Victor was everywhere in the magazines, he was featured in major promos at major fairs, and like other uncrowned superstars, he won what he lacked in titles from the tough loyalty of his followers. Fans love the champions, but they keep a special place in their hearts for those who have never fully understood the W. People like Kai Greene have never won an Olympia, but he has more fans than the guy who hit him – then and now.

The media could see Victor as an outsider. Some fans may even see it as a wildcard, but you can only imagine how Martinez sees himself. This is the life common to him; that's what he does.

Think about it. With all champions to choose from and Jay Cutler on his heels, 8x Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman, G.O.A.T., named Victor Martinez his successor as the next to win the Olympics and dominate the sport. Even if Coleman's prediction may not have been correct at the time, it shows us how much potential Martinez had to impress a champion of Coleman's level. The fact that he is still in the game today is proof that this champion can still do it. I wouldn't even call him a Longshot winner.

You also want entertaining people like Victor at the big competitions, and what I'm saying is not just an opinion, it's a fact. Don't forget, nobody is qualified for The Arnold, it's just an invitation. They could have invited any number of athletes, but they chose who they chose. The profits in Columbus are huge, the enthusiasm is undeniable and media attention is second only to the Olympics. Just forget the fitness press, but we're talking about mainstream publications and television. When the Arnold takes place, Columbus turns off completely. If you have never been to an Arnold, you owe it to yourself !!

The fair alone is a MONSTER !! Fans would be absolutely crazy if Victor hit the top 6, but placements have their place here and entertainment has their place. Seeing Martinez alone triggers a remarkable response. We don't have as many people who have been in the sport for as long as The Dominican Dominator.

I could have destroyed his physique, I could have talked about his training and diet, but who cares? How often has this been documented and analyzed? We don't make lint here.

Ultimately, fans want the story, despite the crazy size and aesthetic lines. This article is about a champion who has experienced a tragedy, who has had many hardships of his life but never stopped doing bodybuilding. Where he places is one thing, but his influence on the sport is undeniable. I am super excited that he will be at the Arnold and will cheer him on when he comes on stage. I also plan to say hello at the fair, along with all the thousands of other people I love to stand in line with.

Where do you see Victor placing, how excited are you that he is actively participating in competitions, and what do you think does the future hold for this superstar? I hope you enjoyed reading my article here in Iron Magazine.

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