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The Demise of Gyms? Over 50% of Health club Members Gained’t Return

by Matt Weik

I received an email that I found very interesting. The email was from Nick Rizzo at RunRepeat. You just published one study Almost 11,000 gym members were examined and how staying at home and this pandemic affected their behavior and lifestyle in relation to health, fitness and the question of whether the gyms would reopen when they returned .

Some of the statistics they found are pretty stunning. Which side of the statistics are you on? Let's dive into the study.

Home training is awesome

At the moment, enthusiastic gym members are crazy when they're locked up in their homes. Given this, there are many creative ways to fit into your training at home – whether indoors or outdoors (obviously social detachment to appease the almighty powers).

If you search for home training online, you will see that everyone publishes their home training. Celebrities, personal trainers, trainers, athletes and even Instagram want to influence the health and fitness area.

Scroll through your social media feeds and you'll likely see some makeshift exercise equipment as well as people doing bodyweight exercises. Heck, maybe people got in before everything was sold out and bought their own home fitness equipment and turned their garage or basement into a gym?

Regardless, current gym members ensure that it works, even when the local gym is closed. This raised the question of whether, once things have returned to normal (whatever that may be), these gym members will return to their gym or cancel their membership and continue their workouts from home. This is exactly what RunRepeat looked at when they conducted this study.

"Hell no, we won't go!"

Of the nearly 11,000 members of the gym surveyed from 116 different countries, 46.67% said they would not return to the gym when it reopened. Those who are specifically from the United States said that 50.16% of gym members will not return to the gym and continue membership. Surprisingly, but perhaps not too surprisingly, the United States was the country with the most surveyed gym members who said they would never return to the gym. Does this show a lack of commitment by Americans to focus on their health? Could be?

The study also found that more than a third (36.57%) of respondents have already quit membership or are considering it soon. When looking at the data between the sexes, they found that women actually do less return to the gym (52.25%). This surprised me when I thought the scales would be tilted in favor of men who mentioned that they would not return to their local gym.

RunRepeat noted that in the UK, 18.92% of the gym memberships had already been canceled and most of the current gym members in Australia indicated that they were going to cancel their membership, or 41.15%.

If you break down the state by state, the five states are Georgia (70.56%), Maryland (63.16%), New Jersey (57.80%) and Ohio (54.30%). and Colorado (54.19%).

Let's just stick to this knowledge for a second. Can you imagine being a gym owner in Georgia and knowing that over 70% of state gym members will not continue membership? You can't help but wonder how many more gyms will be out of business. The gym business is hard enough to stay afloat, and now that the pandemic is causing people to rethink their gym membership, it's no longer the competition that can get you out of the business, but your actual one Members.

Could this be the death of many gyms?

We have already seen Gold & # 39; s Gym come out and mentioned that they are closing several gyms and also filing for bankruptcy. Many would be shocked to hear that, but in an interview Dave Palumbo conducted with Gold & # 39; s Gym's former owner, Ed Connors, Ed mentioned that Gold & # 39; s Gym's locations have been poorly managed for years and it’s really no surprise that they do this badly as they are. Personally, I think regardless of whether the pandemic was a factor or not, Gold & # 39; s Gym would still go the same way because of the way they run the business. I don't see it any other way than GNC and the struggles they had.

However, if you have a large chain like Gold & # 39; s Gym that feels the pressure to close its doors, you can only imagine the pain and suffering of the smaller gyms for mothers and pops. Your gym members could get them out of business quickly if they quit membership. Not to mention that these locations are generally more expensive compared to gyms like Planet Fitness, Retro Fitness, and even Gold’s Gym, which cost between $ 10 and $ 20 a month.

It hurts to say that, but I feel that the gym doors will never open to many across the country, even if the "OK" is given. What worries me even more is the toll it will take on the American people and their health. If gym members say they cancel their membership left and right, do they remain committed to exercising at home? I honestly don't see that.

As soon as things open up again and people go back to work, they return to their normal busy life and juggle a million things. Your fitness and training are pushed into the background. This could cause their health to deteriorate, their weight to increase, and their likelihood of illness and disease creeping in. At least if you keep your gym membership, you might be guilty of going back to the gym, seeing that the gym hits you with bank account or credit card every month.

What do you think about doing it Those of you who are members of the gym will you go back to the gym or stick to your home workouts or pick up a home gym machine? Let us know in the comments.

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