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The Business Is Behind You Gregg Valentino!

by Christian Duque

We here in Iron Magazine were deeply concerned that one of our former presenters, Gregg "The Ramblin Freak" Valentino, had some health issues that temporarily disrupted him. We take very good care of him and had planned to publish an article and wish him well sooner. However, we wanted to be sure that Gregg had surgery and that it was a success before we published this article. While other sites may have taken the opportunity to get clickbait, our only motivation to get this piece out is to just say we're with you, Gregg.


Anyone who knows him knows that this guy is a fighter and nothing will stop him. For those of you who may not know Gregg is running IronMag TV, I think it is worth teaching a little, especially when we enter Roaring 20 and beyond. I would like to take the opportunity to talk to everyone in general, regardless of age, about the health in our industry. I would also like to talk about how we can let Gregg know how important he is to us.

When I first contacted Gregg to work for IronMag TV, he had a hard time looking for new opportunities. He was always incredibly sought after and adored by his fans. There are not many people in the industry who span generations and get the response Gregg has. I can think of a few names, including Ric Drasin, Lee Labrada and Rich Gaspari, to name a few. Jerry Brainum is another. These guys are used to being bullied everywhere. The fans want to see them, get selfies and autographs, that goes without saying. Gregg is definitely one of those heavy hitters. I mean, look at Luimarco. The guy has not been on Youtube for 2 years and now he has completely fallen off the map. Everyone forgot him because he was just a fad. When a guy like Jerry Brainum or even Gregg Valentino enters an exhibition, it's the pandemonium !! These people are used to it, but it's still worth mentioning.

When Gregg was on IronMag TV, his weekly Gregg Valentino LIVE was always our biggest show, so I gave it Monday night. His was always our top show. Nothing came close. He was and is the king of New York !! His weekly Momo Mafia episode was a must every week and is still being met to this day. He also had Gregg Valentino Uncensored, who appeared sporadically under various titles, and we were in talks to have him co-host a program called The Momo & The Fox, in which he alongside aspiring armwrestling star J.D. Fox appeared. This last show never got underway, but we always thought about future programs and ideas. Gregg was always my favorite; later it was Chris Griffin for a moment, but I could always rely on Gregg.

From the end of 2017 to late summer 2018, we dominated the air waves. We had Gregg, Chris Griffin and Mike Cox (which are insanely great together), Theresa Ivancik and some other heavy hitters. We also had some weight, people who just couldn't chop and stop it, but we burned and Gregg was our type. To this day Gregg has always been a gentleman and after the break, which was purely business and not personal, he stayed that way. That is so important in this industry. Gregg Valentino is a man of men, a total classmate.

However, what's ironically ironic about his recent health crisis is that Gregg never smoked, never drank alcohol, and didn't even drink coffee. At 60, the guy could be 40, but that's genes, the body, whatever it is, but that's life. It's really the only way to sum it up – that's life.


It is so important that you check out often. This is advice that I have to practice myself. Even if you do without vices, do sports and eat properly, you can still get sick. When I first heard about Gregg's neck growing at Rx Muscle, I was 99% sure it was benign and I didn't have to worry. The next thing I read is that it was actually something and I thank God that it was discovered and removed. I would like to see Gregg with us for a long, long time. Bodybuilding needs a hero like him !!

There is a lot in terms of what we can do for Gregg. Be sure to support his personal channel, buy his goods, and send him as many positive encouragement messages as possible. Some people just don't know how strong emotional support can be.

I know what you think Gregg is (and it is) a tank, but even the toughest, baddest, and toughest people like to know how much they mean to people. I haven't spoken to Gregg since the breakup and I suspect he blames me for it. The truth is, I got the ax a week after him. It was all business. I came back in a different role three months later. Now I'm only a writer and I write ten articles a month. I'm always close to Rob and who knows, maybe I'll play a different role in a year. That's the way this industry is, but sometimes it's easier to make sense of things when there's a fall. The truth is, I fought for Gregg and I believe in Gregg; I believed in the shows. We had a couple of bums and we had a few people that I wouldn't have brought with me afterwards, but guess you live and learn. The bottom line is, I was extremely proud to have made Gregg extremely proud that we were both supported by IML for about 3-6 months of our own shows at MD, and very proud of all the great work that was done we have done TV with IronMag.

Show your support to Gregg now more than ever, because he's a guy who really lives, breathes and dreams of bodybuilding. We are all behind you, my friend!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article here in Iron Magazine. I am looking forward to read your comments. Please don't forget to use the discount code IML15 to save 15% at – iincluding the new CBD Gummies !!!

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