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The Brandon Harding, Greg Doucette State of affairs

by Christian Duque

When a competitor finds a coach, it's very similar when two halves make up a whole, with each new day being better than the last. When a competitor finds a new coach, it is a real fraternity (or sisterhood). You are no longer two wandering souls, you are one. Concepts of teamwork, loyalty and transparency are brought into circulation. Goals are set, followed by a lot of motivational quotes, pounds of fist and simply unbridled enthusiasm.


This is the preparation that defines the athlete and puts the trainer on the map. Are you pumped Are you excited It's like a shot of adrenaline … until the bumps appear on the street. Some participants will take it, others will stay on the track until the tires are burned out and the car drives on the rims and sparks are created on the sidewalk as it screeches past. Some competitors are all gas-free, even if their coaches are clueless. That is loyalty – blind loyalty.

Brandon Harding hit the eject button as soon as he noticed a muscle loss. The British Classic European champion is bullied everywhere and has half a million YouTube subscribers. He has built up a considerable fan base, with followers on all social media platforms. Brandon is not only a pioneering inventor of content, he also designs nutrition plans and prepares for an exciting 2020 season. With this in mind, everyone was excited about what he would do with contest prep trainer Greg Doucette in his corner. However, when the early stages of preparation weren't quite what Brandon was looking for, he fired the Canadian IFBB Pro and went on. The two have had a social media dispute over the past few days when the news became known. Brandon left a comment saying Greg was a bad coach, Greg replied, and Brandon finally released an excuse me video two hours ago. In it, Brandon remembers the good times the two had during a trip to Toronto and spoke in favor of reconciliation. Harding also made an offer to delete his video, hoping that Doucette would also delete his video. At the time of going to press, nothing is known whether Greg intends to meet the young superstar halfway.

Greg is well known as an authority in the field of SARM. He publishes countless videos for research purposes and gains considerable fan base on YouTube. He has also made various appearances on RxMuscle. RxMuscle is a bodybuilding website launched by Dave Palumbo and Juan Romano after being fired from Muscular Development Magazine over a decade ago. Doucette appears in countless programs, along with other aging sports veterans who talk about the good old days. These appearances catapulted Gregg's status and allowed him to enter the 50-85 category that the site frequented.

Still, Harding has emphasized that his channel and whole approach to social media is to inspire others. He would like to go ahead and beg Greg to delete his video. The problem with this game plan is that it is very difficult to put the toothpaste back in once it has been pushed out of the tube. Even though Brandon and Greg delete their videos, the trolls don't let go of them quickly. Actions always speak louder than words, and to his advantage Harding tried to keep the news of the coaching change as reserved as possible. In fact, Harding has not worked with Doucette for over five weeks !! I had no idea about the breakup, but the message had to come out.

IFBB professional Nick Trigili was the first well-known industry journalist to get to the heart of the story and highlight Doucette, his references and his approach to building an audience on YouTube. Nick is an absolute pro and even reveals any prejudice he may have had, including the fact that Doucette refused to interview him a long time ago. However, he said that Doucette has shown interest in collaborating lately, but Trigili has been very transparent about his origins in order to break the story. That being said, Doucette Trigili has not engaged and will most likely not do so in the future. That would be a very bad move.

Greg is currently in a similar skirmish with Greg O’gallagher, who runs the hugely successful cinema body Youtube channel. O’gallaher has almost twice as many subscribers as Doucette, 500,000 in his account. Doucette and O’gallagher are now in an exciting battle that is likely to get out of hand. The young superstar has enough with harding out – regardless of whether you extend the olive branch or wave the white flag. He definitely hit the country road, but a war with O'Gallagher could prove quite worthwhile for Doucette. I could also see where Dave Palumbo wanted some hits by inviting them to Iron Debate or some other type of program where the 250,000 subscribers to Doucette and the 500,000 subscribers to O & # 39; gallagher hopefully the bodybuilding- Visiting the website, subscribing and becoming fans would be in the process. The classic Megadeth album title is: "Peace Sells, But Who’s Buying?"


Greg is very likely to hit Brandon halfway, but is unlikely to stop arguing with O’gallagher or anyone else trying to continue the fight Harding deviated from. Even though Brandon may have apologized and feels bad about what happened, the fact remains that he was dissatisfied with Doucette's preparation and ultimately released him. This is a very important detail because it can very well affect Greg's online coaching.

Greg Doucette critics have expressed concerns that his interests may be compromised. Critics believe that preparing competitions should be his main focus. However, others believe that he spends a lot of time and energy building a YouTube community. How much does Greg do with YouTube and is social media a springboard for other ventures (e.g. acting, motivation, other branding)? I can't imagine Greg believing that he'll ever be as popular or popular as a Nick Strength And Power. The truth is that with 250,000 subscribers and as an authority on everything, especially research chemicals, he has a better chance than most others. On the other hand, it is difficult to be an authority when top-class customers leave.

On the plus side, Doucette's style is also very unique. It's loud, full of energy, and sometimes sounds like it hit the helium pretty hard. He has contested almost sixty competitions, the vast majority as Natty (which earns him considerable recognition), and as a result has tons of fans. Regardless of whether he deals with youth or with old farts at RxMuscle, everyone is equally committed and entertained. Its content is very good, its love of bodybuilding is undeniable; Neither is he a cookie cutter like some more popular Youtubers.

The fact that Brandon went on foot may sting a little more than Greg would admit, but it's not a big deal either. Trainers never like to admit that they have been fired. However, it stands to reason that a competitor hiring a trainer may have fired the trainer for some reason when the competitor ends the relationship. If you're fired from a customer with 500,000 Youtube subscribers and that customer calls you a bad trainer, that's not a drama, it's just an opinion that gets the round. Brandon can apologize for what he wants, but facts are facts, Greg's preparation didn't cut it short for him and he hired someone else.

Even the best coaches don't always work for all customers. Sometimes people just don't mesh. On the back, who knows if Brandon followed the preparations exactly as Greg described. You can't always blame the trainer. Sometimes no one is to blame. Sometimes the spark just isn't there. It is possible that Greg is a great coach and Brandon is a great athlete, and they just work better with others. However, what is uplifting is that Brandon has a good heart and wants to let the past be past. For one thing, I would like to see Greg give this child a break and agree to delete the videos. That being said, I think Doucette is more likely to fool O’gallagher, his approach to intermittent fasting, and stimulate him until the two face off. Perhaps Greg will maintain the feud with Brandon without speaking to her, only to continue to be attacked by those who work for Harding.

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