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The Boston Mass Podcast

by Christian Duque

If you like bodybuilding and want to keep up with the sport, this is an easy sale. I love to see and hear programs that cover the fitness industry with class. There are so many websites and programs out there that are all about chasing hits. If your only goal is fame, the concept of ethics goes out the window.


You have no scruples when posting fake news. They strive to bring out most of the clickbait titles you can conjure up, and to feed on the drama. Drama makes many talentless hacks famous – and quickly !! As much as I love bodybuilding video shows and podcasts, I usually find myself getting the most out of those I discover. I can usually see through the bullshit within 1-2 episodes. As I said, if fame is your game, you don't make much effort to hide who you really are and what you really care about. Some people dig it, but I've been there long enough where I value credibility much more.

There are times when there is no news and the really talented media personalities and journalists can put something together. Today I am very proud to share a real gem of a series with you. IFBB pro Jose Raymond and co-host Nate Telow have a brand new podcast in which many people, including yours, talk about it. This is the type of program that a professional athlete as well as a supplement company owner and a fan can see. It's called The Boston Mass Podcast and is definitely worth your attention. Although there are only five episodes so far, it's all about quality.

If you think about it, five episodes are not much, I'll give you all of that. Most podcasts need to create content worth at least 6-8 weeks before they can be really successful. Most advertisers won't touch a new show until it reaches that threshold. While that may be all right and good for most new shows, this program breaks with all of that. For starters, the show is hosted on Jose's official channel. This is a platform that he has maintained over the years and that always publishes high quality content. His logo alone has always been off the charts. If you want to bring out a quality product, take the time to make sure you hit the nail on the head when presenting. After all, it is a 212 Arnold Classic Champion !! Jose is a guy who knows what it takes to win. The color has to be right, the body has to be selected, the music has to be right, the posing has to be perfect. Do you really think he would just throw everything on the wall and see if it sticks? We are talking about a living legend!

So, yes, this new series only has five episodes, but look at how they triggered things. The first episode was about the two hosts testing the water, talking, and even discussing current events. Most bodybuilding programs don't touch mainstream news. Why? Because they don't want to say or do anything controversial. You can respect this if you keep the status quo, but it's not up to date either. The fact that Jose and Nate talked about George Floyd's murder on a bodybuilding show is inspiring. Whichever position they took, the fact that they spent airtime addressing them is powerful. That alone separates them from the pack. I personally like unique programs and unique formats. These first episodes were perfect. To have started the series with one guest would have been a mistake. These first two episodes were just as important for the hosts to get to know each other on the air as for the fans who appreciated what these guys bring together. You can know someone for 20 years, but when it comes to putting together a program on a consistent basis, it's almost like meeting someone for the first time when you're on the air. Aside from all the talk and planning, things get real when the tape rolls.

When it comes to guests, Jose & Nate could not have chosen a better first guest than IFBB Pro Santi Aragon. Santi is as real as it can be because she has participated in classic physique and bodybuilding. He is a small business owner, was signed up by the big companies (e.g. Muscletech in its heyday), won shows and placed high in big shows (e.g. Top 6 at The Arnold) and is a constant fan favorite. There is no crap in Jose, Nate or Santi, so choosing it was the perfect choice.

What's really cool about finding a guest at this level is that it's almost like having a guest co-host. The standard interview style consists of the hosts who ask questions, the guest who answers these questions, and no other real conversation. The standard respondent doesn't have much to add other than answer the question at hand and wait for the next one. Not only is it static, it gets boring very quickly. I suppose it works to some extent for reporting on competitions, but even there it can get cheesy pretty quickly. While answering the questions asked, Santi gave many examples and even provided the hosts with some tangents to choose from to continue. In many ways, Santi is the John Stockton of the respondents who offers the hosts all sorts of assists – Jose & Nate have taken over these hints and met some pretty killer jump shots and slam dunks in episode 3. (I apologize for the basketball terminology, LOL).


The second guest was the trainer behind the acting Mr. Olympia Brandon "The Prodigy" Curry. He is also the former coach behind The Egyptian Phenom Big Ramy. Abdullah Alotaibi from Oxygen Gym is a guru among the gurus. His list of athletes in open bodybuilding and 212 bodybuilding is stunning. The fact that he also works with Jeremy Buendia, the Olympic champion of 4x Men & # 39; s Physique, on his Fight For Five comeback says it all. Instead of opening up rumor mill and / or speculating aimlessly about Brandon's preparation, if and when Brandon will return to Kuwait or guessing what kind of package curry will bring for Mr. Olympia 2020, they went straight to the source. This is due to the credibility of Clickbait.

Let's be real here, if Jose Raymond wanted to release sensationally titled videos, he would probably get more hits. Instead, he and Nate get the real story, they go straight to the source and publish factual content. A big question they asked was whether Abdullah could ever see Oxygen Gym come to America. Could you imagine?! I bet you want to know the answer, it's also Jay Cutler. Unfortunately, I will not tell you. You need to watch the episode and hopefully subscribe to the channel.

The third guest is the trainer behind 2018, Olympia Shawn "Flexatron" Rhoden, the trainer behind 4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler and of course the trainer behind The Boston Mass, himself the only Chris "The Technician" Aceto !! This is another episode that doesn't hit a beat. They talked about preparing for competitions, Jose's own preparations, and even went into competition and genetics. They also talked about some gray area issues like SARMs. Most people shy away from such topics, but when a guest knows who is interviewing them and trusts who is interviewing them, no topic is really prohibited. If a high profile guest is interviewing someone who's only hits, just fame, they fear that the interview may be chopped up, that their words will be spliced, or that their words will be taken out of context, to make a video go viral. That may sound crazy to you, but it happens a lot more than you think in the fitness industry. This is also the reason why many top-class guests simply don't push anymore. The Boston Mass podcast sets the standard high and that's great for bodybuilding.

In summary, I can't tell you how much I like this new series and how excited I am to watch Episode 6. This is a series that could easily be seen on Patreon, but it is offered for FREE !! I think fans should be very grateful for that. I also think that supplement companies, clothing stores, and other companies that offer accessories and services should pay close attention to the hits from these episodes, the number of comments published, and serious considerations about advertising at Jose & Nate. The bottom line is simple: if a program gains considerable traction and reaches a loyal number of viewers, this is a platform on which you want to advertise your goods and services. This is only food for thought. If your company supports a program that people love, people are very likely to reward you with their business. If people link your pre-workout, shirts, or e-books to this program, they will likely buy your products and / or services across the ocean.

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