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The Attractive Star of Netflex’s ‘Van Helsing,’ Jenny Cheon, Can Kick Your MFing Ass

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What are the three basic requirements to survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse since you have experience in fighting zombies?

First you need a machete. You definitely need a gun if you want to fight zombies all day. Second, you need a motorcycle. Because of course you need a means of transportation, especially something that takes you through all types of terrain. And third, make sure you have enough cans of tuna.


Your character, Ivory, shouldn't last long on the show. What is the secret of their longevity?

She's a boss bitch, but fair. She is a warrior inside and out.

What was one of your previous jobs before you became an actor?

In Vancouver I worked in the security area for the 2010 Winter Olympics. I was in the city center, where everyone, including the athletes, came to celebrate afterwards. It was an amazing experience. The variety of people who came from everywhere was so amazing. However, I am not sure if most people have ever seen female security there.

But I'm two meters tall, so I can be a little intimidating. You are also going to get your purple belt in taekwondo. That too. I started as a little girl to stay active and share an activity with my father. It's something I fell in love with, although acting somehow restricted my practice. However, I plan to earn my black belt and then open a studio in Vancouver.

How can you ward off zombies?


I would say a turning kick combo: jump, then a cut-down kick; Jump back and end with another turn-kick combination with a backward kick. It takes a while for them to get up off the floor, and that gives you time to escape.

And any self-defense tips that an everyday Joe can use?

As my father would say, "The best self-defense? Don't be there "In other words, run like the wind.

Can you imagine switching from zombie thrillers to another role like in a rom com?

I love to thrill people and make them jump, but I also love to make people fall in love and feel joy. I have a feeling that the world needs something of this love and joy. At the same time, I welcome the opportunity to make all kinds of films.

What is your next project

At the moment I'm writing a script and I'm preparing for a secret acting project.

WATCH The fourth season of Van Helsing on Netflix is ​​planned for this spring.

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