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The 1-Week Exercise Plan to Kick-Begin Your New Yr’s Resolutions

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As countless New Year presidents have discovered the difficult path, it usually means going against the wall on January 1 that they burn out before February. In order to really turn your New Year's resolutions into practical, everyday habits, you have to keep pace yourself.

Instead of hitting the gym too hard and then destroying your body, there is an exercise program that will help you stick to your determination to get a positive boost in 2020.


With this week-long Kickstarter plan designed by Mike Krajewski, C.S.C.S., owner of MK Fitness in Nashville, TN, you can get any of your body's energy burning systems going without going overboard. If you have not trained consistently during the holidays, this whole body program will make your work easier and prepare you for success in the new year – and beyond.


How it goes

Complete this training program for two weeks in a row. You will rest after Day II and Day III. (If you start Day I on a Monday, it means you rest on Wednesdays and Fridays.)

A brief detail: On Sunday, when you take lunges, you will do lunges with light dumbbells from front to back. You step forward into a front lunge with your right leg, while doing a side shoulder lift with your left arm. Then step backwards with your right leg while rolling the dumbbells. It is a repetition. Do this pattern for 8-10 repetitions on the right leg, followed by 8-10 repetitions on the left leg.

After the two weeks, start a concentrated muscle building program, as are some of our favorites:



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