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Texas Bodybuilder Charged with Orchestrating Massive Steroid Ring

by Matt Weik

If you’ve followed my content for a period of time, you’ll know my position on steroids and steroid use. For those of you in the background who didn’t hear me when I first said it, I’ll repeat myself. “I don’t care whether you use steroids, how much you use, or what type you use. Period. The end. “This leads us to the subject where a Texas bodybuilder is responsible for selling anabolic steroids as part of a steroid ring in Northern Texas.

More time and resources for “cleaning up the streets” (* eye roll *)

The person’s name is Philip Archibald of Lancaster, Texas. According to the report, he was charged with conspiracy to distribute controlled substances. Here’s the kicker of it – there is no deposit. Don’t go by, don’t collect $ 200 … Go straight to jail.


If you know Philip personally, I would recommend Rick Collins, Esq. Rick is absolutely the man in this case and the best in what he does. I can provide you with Rick’s information or you can reach him through one of his many websites such as and There is no lawyer other than Rick that I would recommend in this case.

So out of the way. You may be wondering how a 29-year-old child was incarcerated. Now, as they say, “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.” Philip was stupid enough not only to get caught selling steroids but also to raise awareness of protests and riots, especially on social media.

His actions on social media were picked up and put on the radar when he wrote about “Hunt for Antifa” and the threat of killing “looters” on the street. Because of his obvious “threat to the community” and his ties to anti-government organizations, they decided to keep him in jail pending trial.

The police followed Philip to the post office, where they searched him and the package he was shipping. When they did so, they found that the package contained tablets containing oxandrolone (a common steroid used to increase the growth of lean muscle tissue).

Available only by prescription, Oxandrolone (or the pharmaceutical brand Oxandrin) has been shown to be useful for those who need to gain weight after surgery, relieve pain associated with osteoporosis, and help those who suffer from the long-term negative side effects associated with it of corticosteroids.

When law enforcement officers searched Philipps’ house, they found several firearms and additional steroids. If Philip is found guilty and sentenced, he faces up to 10 years in prison.


This raises the question that many of us keep asking: “What are the steroids on the street?”

Do we REALLY have a steroid problem?

Look, I’m going to throw out a disclaimer that I don’t recommend anyone breaking the law by selling steroids. They are illegal, we all know that more than, so just don’t do it. OK? OK. Well. Are steroids a real problem?

In my opinion, I’ve said in the past decade (or longer) that I don’t understand what the big deal is and why law enforcement is so tough on steroids and anabolic steroids. Who exactly is killed by using steroids? Go ahead … I’ll wait for your answer. No? Do not have anything? Ok, that’s what two of us do.

Here’s the interesting thing. People are still arrested for selling and smoking marijuana. Check out the research and you’ll see all the benefits marijuana can offer. It doesn’t matter whether you smoke it, eat it or whatever – the benefits have been studied and well documented. Sure, you have those who just use it to get up, but there are actually benefits that come with the drug (which can’t be said for something like cocaine).

Now let’s look at the steroids. The same goes for steroids. However, there are no people on street corners trying to take a vial of testosterone to find their nightly “solution”. People are not shot every night for steroids like they do with other drugs. Do you know what these people who use steroids do at night? They are either in the gym to strengthen themselves or they are sleeping to gain more muscle and to recover properly.

So what’s the big deal? Steroids are used by people who want to increase their performance in the gym and build muscle. They are not a threat to society. They’re not out there, overdosing, and they’re in a gutter that Narcan or CPR needs. What is wrong with this picture in which we basically classify those who sell cocaine and steroids as one and the same?

Leave the Meatheads alone! We don’t hurt anyone. According to Planet Fitness commercials, we only take things in and put them down. Correct? Please explain to me how dangerous steroids are. I really think steroids need to be reclassified and are easier and more readily available and accessible. There is no reason why steroids should be illegal. Just legalize them, but regulate them when the powers feel better by still having the situation under control.

What do you all think Philip gets up to 10 years for steroids? I’m serious? What are we doing here? Am I the only one who feels that way? Let us know in the comments.

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