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Telegram Is A Should-Have!

by Christian Duque

The key to building a strong social media presence is staying up to date on any apps that have something happening. One of the greatest qualities of capitalism is options. We don’t just want a social app, a video app, and a music app. What happens when monopolies arise? Innovation slows down, sometimes to a standstill. Where is the incentive to think outside the box? When users are guaranteed and there is nowhere else to go, developers don’t have to push the envelope. These brilliant minds go from creating to simply entertaining. We’ve seen where this is going and it never ends well. Competition is great, so take it on. When building a brand you can’t afford to give up – never !!


When it comes to instant messaging and Voice over IP services, WhatsApp has had the upper hand for quite some time, especially with people in Latin America. WhatsApp ended the street robbery that had been linked to phone cards, scratch codes and tons of abandoned calls. The problem with WhatsApp, however, is that it requires a cellphone to function. You can’t just use a desktop or laptop. WhatsApp is also part of Facebook, which also includes Instagram. I don’t have a problem with that per se, but what if Facebook goes down? Then guess what, Instagram and WhatsApp too. We have already experienced failures in the years 2021 and 2020 alone. These outages are often not accompanied by an explanation (they don’t even know what happened) and there is even less information about how long the platforms will be down. The last one I experienced lasted 30 minutes. The sheer uncertainty is enough to cause a breakdown.
Half an hour doesn’t sound long, does it? Well, for people who rely on social media, half an hour is almost a full work day – or more. Half an hour is an awfully long time not to be sure what is going on. According to, there are 2.8 billion monthly Facebook users worldwide with 1.84 billion daily users.

Interestingly, 2.9 billion people are using WhatsApp, which makes the 2014 acquisition of Facebook around the world useful. However, if one of the three fails, they all do. Although outages have been restricted to specific regions, they have not yet been controlled. These were not planned as part of a learning experiment or test run. Therefore, it stands to reason that there could possibly be a worldwide failure in the future. For that to happen, it would be such a blow to Facebook that it could very well take more than 30 minutes, an hour, or even a few days. Furthermore, we never get the full story anyway. More worryingly, Facebook may not even know what happened.

Let’s not forget about the hackers either. They are definitely a factor, and they are not all altruistic or idealistic. Groups like Anonymous and WikiLeaks have taken care of the little guy before, but there are also hackers who do it for the sheer chaos factor. They see firewalls, encryption, and complex codes only as challenges to keep them entertained. Just as we might scribble in a New York Times crossword puzzle, they might crash the servers of a Fortune 500 company or the cybernetic prowess of a small country’s lattes and scones. In fact, WhatsApp was severely compromised in 2019 and then filed a lawsuit with the San Francisco court. While this was a small operation aimed at human rights lawyers, it shows the potential violations that could be exploited on a wider front.

Aside from the fact that WhatsApp is essentially part of a larger Facebook monopoly, aside from the fact that it was previously compromised, and aside from the fact that it requires a mobile phone to function, there are also concerns about censorship.

Let’s be honest, not everyone thinks alike and that’s fine !! We should all be able to express ourselves online. Unfortunately, there is tremendous censorship on Facebook today, and being punished as the parent company for unpopular opinions on Facebook can and can affect your experience on Instagram and WhatsApp. Where are you as a professional athlete, entrepreneur, influencer or journalist? They’re basically SOL, and as you know, that’s just not an option in today’s fast-paced, wired business world. You can’t miss a week, day, or even half an hour! You can sleep 8 hours, you can sleep 10 hours, but you need to have direct means of reaching people whenever you want. Once that’s compromised, things go downhill from there.

For all of these reasons, Telegram is a must-have. I am not suggesting that you replace WhatsApp with it, but have both !! You don’t have to be brand loyal to one or the other. The only loyalty you must have is with yourself and your projects. Telegram is free, does not require a mobile app and is not part of Facebook. If Facebook goes down, you’ll still be on the web if you have it. Even if you’re in Facebook jail, you’re still on the grid. If Facebook is hacked, you are still online. Do you see where I am going with all of this?


I would highly recommend downloading Telegram, educating your closest colleagues and friends in the industry, securing your username, and just keeping it in your arsenal of apps. I have a lot of apps that I don’t use except maybe once or twice a month. For me, Twitter, for example, is rather useless, but a good addition to Facebook in the event of a breakdown. Telegram could be your backup if WhatsApp goes down.

Cost is also critical – Telegram is free and that’s a huge advantage when it comes to competing with WhatsApp. The name of the game is convenience, accessibility, and user-friendly interfaces. Overly technical apps don’t get along well at a time when mobile users need optimized services.

Think of it like a normal phone call. Anything beyond the press of a button and the greeting feels like a pull. It’s about making and receiving calls – fast. Call quality is also critical; With that the calling cards ended. If it sounds like talking into a coffee can in 2021, no one will. Imagine the impression you would make on potential business partners if you called them from a POS phone with POS service. You could have an iPhone 12 with all the bells and whistles, but if your call quality is poor, everyone you call is likely to think you’re a loser. Your chances of making a good impression are down the toilet.

Telegram is not only comparable to WhatsApp, but also to a normal phone call. This is essential for its success.

Remember my friends, it’s about options and keeping up to date with the latest innovations.

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