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Sylvester Stallone Utilizing Pretend Weights?

by Christian Duque

What? I mean, seriously, how did Sylvester Stallone, one of the most famous movie stars in modern cinema history, get into a situation where the entire fitness industry accused him of using fake weights in a recently viral video ?! ?!


Sly wasn’t kidding. He didn’t play – well, he was – but he didn’t play for fun. Here you have the star of Rocky and Rambo, on his knees, holding a 45 pound plate in each hand, getting up and on his feet like nothing, holding those heavy plates as if they were feathers. Performing this kind of feat you might think his forearms were covered with veins, sweat was pouring from his face, and you’d think he was in utter agony – but none of that was the case. He was wearing a fresh T-shirt, no sweat, no veins, no fight – nothing.

Sly’s video people were also lightning quick to cut the video before the panels hit the floor. Didn’t Sly learn anything from Brad Castleberry? I mean, why on earth would he try to keep up such a scam on people who eat, breathe, and dream – exercise? Did he think we’d buy it? Does he think videos like this will help establish a brand (he used to have a good one), sell movie tickets, or grow his audience? The truth is this video didn’t do anything for Sly other than make him look stupid. Nobody is amused and most people who have something to say sound offended. Publishing such a video says a lot. He must think that the bodybuilding community is nothing more than a mob of mindless idiots. From the moment the video was released, a number of great bodybuilding stars have confronted Rocky Balboa.

Legendary Canadian bodybuilder Greg Doucette was one of the first to publicly tear Sly off his high horse. In a video that broke 1,000,000 views, Doucette attempted the feat that Stallone could so effortlessly pull off on his own. Greg was unable with the 45 pound plates, the 35 pound plates, and was barely able with the 25 pound plates. He raised concerns about the center of gravity and positioning of Sly. He also raised concerns many of us thought – Doucette is a pro athlete, 30 years younger than Sly and used to working out hard in the gym. The fact that Greg was in so much trouble suggests Stallone is full of it. It’s one thing if Doucette had used theories and formulas, but he actually tried to do exactly what Stallone set out to do – from the exact location to the exact grip to the exact conditions. Others have interfered since Doucette’s video, but we haven’t heard from Sly to this day. It is possible that he is trying to sue, but the best defense against defamation is the truth. There’s no way Sly used real weight, and there’s no way he can do what he claims to be able to with real weights anyway. Then why did he do it? Why should he try to get into people’s minds and possibly inspire others to try similar gadgets?

Sly Stallone plays a boxer in movies, but he’s not a boxer in real life. He plays a soldier in films – but as far as I know, he hasn’t served a day in his life. I know he and Arnold always had a friendly rivalry. In the 80s I don’t know how really friendly that was, but now they’re friends. They have always been partners with Planet Hollywood and I admit I love their two films.

There was a time when Stallone had a great supplement company – one product I really remember was their chocolate pudding. It came canned, held up very well over time, and tasted delicious. It’s not too often that you end up eating a protein-rich dessert that can sit alongside sugary ones and make them struggle for their money.

Anyway, Sly has always been ripped apart, especially for movies, and no one denies the guy can punch a punch and move a few weights; however, he is not a bodybuilder and has never done a bodybuilding show. However, there is something about the sport that appeals to a lot of people. Check out pro wrestlers. They face a lot more people, make a lot more money, and have much longer careers, but MANY of them become full fanboys when they see Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler or Kai Greene. Many bodybuilding competitions host, some become promoters, and a few contemplate competing. It’s like they have everything they want, but they’ve been bitten by the bug. They might have an Emmy, a Tony, or even a Grammy on their mantle, but what they really want is, above all, a $ 5 trophy and the boastful right to win a show so small it wouldn’t fill up the section in one of the many arenas and stadiums they wrestle across the country and around the world. Ironic, isn’t it?


Maybe Sly wants to be a bodybuilder too? More likely, however, he is likely to want to become a superstar in the fitness industry. The good news is he already is. All he has to do is go to a fair and 99% of people will know exactly who he is. For the 1% who might not, he can always tell them. But the fact is, I think Sly doesn’t want to be popular for Rocky, Rambo, or Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot (lol); I think he wants to be popular in muscle circles for his strength. That would have been doable if he gradually got stronger and better at lifting big pounds, but to post a video like this one he’s the ass of jokes now. How does he – or his camp – do damage control? The guy basically made a fool of himself and for those on the fence all they have to do is watch Coach Greg’s video and they will make up their mind.

I honestly can’t understand it. What does Sly have to gain from something like that? Maybe he thinks people now consider him a strength coach? I honestly do not know. When I first saw the video, I was expecting a punch line, a joke, anything that made sense of the madness I was seeing. When nothing of the kind came up, my grin was long gone, I was actually angry. I felt offended that Stallone would try to do such a stunt. When it came to credibility, he actually lost some of it. Instead of reaching out to them or wanting to use their products, these types of videos harm their brands. Again, maybe this was a marketing team’s mistake – or – maybe it was all him. I couldn’t imagine a situation where a video so blatantly fake could help someone’s career.

What are you saying? Do you see any value in a video of a guy in his mid 70s performing a show of strength that a professional bodybuilder does in his prime, right? I find it pretty ridiculous and would certainly put it in the bug category. That being said, the most important thing is what YOU, the loyal readers of Iron Magazine, have to say. Hope you enjoyed reading my article, check out the attached video and leave your feedback in the comments.

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