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Spartan Broadcasts New DEKAFIT Enviornment Health Competitors

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Spartan races are notorious for their difficulty and test the skills, endurance and grit of participants regardless of the length of the race. Regardless of whether you drive a Spartan Sprint over a distance of three to five miles or a 30-mile Spartan Ultra, you are guaranteed to hit rough terrain and in any weather that Mother Nature wants to hand out on race day. That will change in 2020 with the introduction of Spartan's first course in a controlled environment: DEKAFIT.

Spartan recently announced DEKAFIT for his racing family and described the concept as "a fitness benchmark that can be tested in a controlled environment so that every person – or team – can know exactly where they are in relation to others." The event comprises 5,000 running meters and 10 stations, where the strength, endurance and mobility of the racing drivers are tested. Spartan founder Joe De Sena shared a video announcing the event and added that it is meant for people of all fitness levels who want to make sense of their workouts.


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Excited for the start of @ in 2020. This program was developed to give people of all fitness levels a purpose for their training. It is a progressive, self-motivating fitness. I know this will dramatically help us get 100 million people off the couch. Link in bio for more details on DEKAFIT.

A contribution by Joe De Sena | Entrepreneur (@realjoedesena) on December 26, 2019 at 11:03 p.m. PST

DEKAFIT will bring the following directly from Spartan:


The event location is enclosed (the DEKA-Arena), in which competitors and spectators are not disturbed by terrain or nature disturbances. Everything is standardized and air-conditioned indoors. A running route forms the scope of the DEKA Gym. The runners drive 1.5 laps at the beginning of their participation and between the individual zones. Ten fitness stations, so-called DEKA zones, test all types of strength, endurance, balance, coordination and mobility in the DEKA fitness studio. Five DEKA zones use exercises that give participants a level of resistance (after graduation), and the other five zones use weighted equipment and a prescribed number of repetitions. The total time is measured as a DEKA mark (creation of the DEKA score), which comprises 21 individual split times: 10 laps of 500 meters each, the 10 individual zones and a zone transition time. The participants take part in the competition in stages of 20 people.

One of the main goals in the development of DEKAFIT was to make the challenge easy and accessible for athletes of all origins. Participants do not need special equipment or training to be prepared for the competition.

"We wanted something that any gym or group could show and do, from local gyms for children and teenagers to armed forces and first responders," said Yancy Culp, Sport Development Program Manager at DEKAFIT, in a press release. While most Spartan races do not provide many details to the participants, the DEKAFIT Instagram account (@ has already shared the route structure and descriptions of the individual stations.

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10 ways to prove yourself. Will you be up to the challenge? #DEKAFIT #DEKAFITX

A post by DEKAFIT (@ on December 20, 2019 at 7:34 p.m. PST

The 10 practice stations are as follows (click each to see the descriptions on DEKAFIT's Instagram):

Zone 1: Ram squats Zone 2: 500 m row Zone 3: Skip the box Zone 4: Med ball throw Zone 5: Ski Erg Zone 6: Farmer & # 39; s wear Zone 7: storm bike Zone 8: Dead bullet wall over Zone 9: Push / pull tank Zone 10: Ram burpees

At the end, the participants receive a DEKA score based on their performance in the event. The stations sound exhausting in any case, but the availability of the list and the type of exercises definitely give participants of all fitness levels a better chance of training for success at DEKAFIT. After all, it is much easier to do squats than carry a sandbag on a mountain, for example, if you live in the city.

“You and I could work out in our garden, in our living room, or in any gym in the world. You don't need anything special to get better, "said Culp." This is the most basic form of work, and you can train all year round without a budget. It is for every group in business or in sports; Schools, armed forces. Literally EVERYONE. There are no limits to growth. "

The DEKAFIT Arena opening event will be held on March 21, 2020 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO. If you want to register, visit


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