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Shawn Rhoden’s Professional Standing – NOT IN QUESTION!

by Christian Duque

It seems that the world of bodybuilding and fitness was in a week of chaos when major broadcasters reported that Mr. Olympia Shawn "Flexatron" Rhoden had not renewed his 2018 IFBB Pro League Pro Card in 2019, causing some questionable impressions. Even if this were the case, it simply means that he can not compete until he pays the fee. In no way does this mean he would lose his pro status or earn another pro card.

The reality is that the answer to this question is pretty elementary; However, in a world hungry for news, it became an important topic of conversation. One channel has posted a video that supposedly revealed the answer, but only nine minutes after the video began. The truth is, we'll never do that here in Iron Magazine. We have given you the answer in the first paragraph of the article because we do not believe in tying our readers. More meaningful is the snowball effect in online reporting and entertainment. Why do fake messages spread so fast? With all the resources at our disposal, researchers could easily get to the bottom of the stories. However, the gym changing rooms, message boards, and social media are full of talking heads that emit all sorts of nonsense. It's like when Harry Sally met Fake News and Clickbait, it's a match made in heaven. Another reason why this story may have led to snowballs is the fact that Weider / AMI rode Rhodes out of the competition in the 2019 Mr. Olympia. Never before in the history of bodybuilding was this ever the case.

Many fans around the world are excited about the news that Rhoden and Ramy will compete at the Arnold Classic 2020. For many, they will see what they would like to see at the Olympics. For many years, the Olympia dominated the Arnold in terms of occupation depth. Now the Olympics should of course do that, since the Olympics is the top athlete in the sport; Arnold, however, is nothing to sneeze. It has a considerable purse, tremendous bouncer rights and is the namesake of the most important, living person associated with the sport of bodybuilding. Everyone who wins the Arnold has a very strong enthusiasm for the Olympics. In recent years, some Arnold champions have not used their efforts in Vegas, but 2018 and 2019 have resumed the historic trend as both Curry and Bonac have done amazing things on the Olympia stages. Nevertheless, many fans would like Rhoden or Ramy to win big in Columbus, especially because there could be a marketing bonus for a showdown with defending champion Brandon Curry in September 2020.

From a different perspective, everyone is fixated on Rhoden, for when the news of the indictment arrived, everyone seemed to be talking to premature (and unfounded) conclusions, speculating, and leaping. When Shawn returned to the social realm, it was all about being positive, and he said absolutely nothing about the case. He did a fantastic interview with Nick Strength & Power, continues training and is now tied to Arnold. Apart from that, people really want to know something about the champion. Even people who know that there's little or no way to pay for a pro card in a given year have caught themselves investing time and thought in this "news story," but people have just started to talk about this non-story in the Message Boards and make reaction videos. It's like people come up with news if they do not have real access.

I'm sure that by 2020, if Shawn did not renew his card in 2019, it will be until 2020. The Arnold Classic next year will be a great success. I do not know if we will see Brandon Curry there. That could be an interesting new story. However, I doubt he would, as a two-time climax (especially at this level) for the first time would make Mr. Olympia very sensitive. Another good story is what happens when Rhoden wins in Columbus, and then AMI checks its position for 2019 and lets it race in 2020? Technically Rhoden's case could still last. And this assumes that if AMI allows Rhodes to join, he wants it. The fact that he was the first defending champion to be suspended may require more than just reinstating him. Still, Shawn Arnold can win next year and win for ten straight years, but if he does not win the Olympics, he will not be the best bodybuilder in the world, as he was in 2018. I'm pretty sure he won. & # 39; It does not take much arm wrestling to get him back to the sport's biggest stage.

Think about it. If the Arnold Rhoden not only allowed the competition but marketed its appearance (as they have already done) and they had one of the best competitions in their history, that would not be at least one factor that makes AMI, it again to consider for 2020? I guess so. All these things would be news and news, but whether Shawn extended his pro card for a year in which he has not competed or not is nothing new. Unfortunately, here in Iron Magazine, as I have often said, we have an obligation to think about matters of urgency in the bodybuilding and fitness community. So many people want to know what the old Iron Duque has to say, so I would be a bit negligent if I kept quiet.

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