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Shawn Rhoden Has His Professional Card Revoked By the IFBB

by Matt Weik

There has been much speculation about when Shawn Rhoden could be on a bodybuilding stage in 2020. Unfortunately, I had to ask for confirmation of the news I want to share because I thought it was wrong.


I have confirmed that Shawn Rhoden has actually revoked his IFBB Pro Card. The case stems from his case, and the IFBB has stated that it will not be able to attend any IFBB-approved show until its case is settled and a judgment has been made. I am sure there are a lot of thoughts, opinions and assumptions about what this means and why the IFBB takes such a stance without our judicial system taking its course first. However, I will not go into this in this article.

Shawn Rhoden has left the competition indefinitely

The fact is that the 2018 Olympic gold medalist, Shawn Rhoden, is unlikely to be on the IFBB stage in 2020 unless his trial is closed so early later in the year that he retires and then to one Show can be prepared. If I were a betting man and the courts and trial were slow, I would spend my money not seeing Shawn Rhoden at all in 2020. But I hope I'm wrong.

I have seen Rhoden's social media and I have not seen him testify about the revocation of his pro status / card. I am sure that he does not want to talk about it because I can understand that it is probably embarrassing that after winning the Olympics he is in the situation he is in now.

What is the next step?

It is clear that the IFBB doesn't want Shawn on a stage that represents the IFBB. So what's next for Shawn Rhoden? Maybe Shawn doesn't know and is trying to figure it out before getting the official news straight out of the horse's mouth or announcing that his IFBB Pro status has been revoked?

Here's the thing, though Shawn looks after his body and looks good for any age you think he is not a spring chicken. In fact, Rhoden is 44 years old and for a bodybuilder you can only imagine that his time on stage is coming to an end. What does that mean? Well, for starters, it may mean that Shawn Rhoden will officially hang up his posing swimming trunks forever and kiss the sport goodbye. I mean, it's not like he'll be on an IFBB stage soon (which is a shame). Maybe he's retiring right now?

Another option for Shawn is to jump to another organization. Although this is disapproved of by the IFBB and immediately ends its IFBB Pro status (which it has already lost), it would give it the opportunity to continue. There may be another organization that would like Rhoden to be the face of the organization – although this may not be the best idea due to his current legal issues, his loyal fans will likely pay to see him compete. And getting on another stage would make money available to him as a source of income because he lost all potential 2020 earnings from the competition at IFBB as well as many of his sponsors.


Maybe Shawn Rhoden could use his bodybuilding knowledge to help others through personal training? After showing that he can win the Olympics (among other IFBB pro shows in his career), he knows what needs to be done to change a physique, build quality muscle, lose body fat, manipulate macronutrients, and with that To play water intake to dry out before competition etc. His knowledge could help other competitors or even the average person who just wants to look great but never wants to step on the stage to compete.

Where's his state of mind?

I just want to kick this out for anyone reading it, especially if you're an athlete or a celebrity. Don't put yourself in the position of someone to say you did something and create a situation like Shawn Rhoden. Never take anyone into your hotel room. You have to be smarter than that. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in, and anyone can claim that you did something even if you didn't. Now I'm not saying that Shawn did or didn't do anything. I'm just saying that the whole situation and legal matter could have been avoided entirely if he had met this person in the lobby or had others in his room – provided the allegations are not true. That said, if they are true, I don't feel bad when the book is thrown at him, and I hope it is when he is found guilty.

The interesting thing about this whole ordeal is that there is no sign that Rhoden is withdrawing from the spotlight or hiding in any way, in any form, or in any form. He is still very active on social media and publishes motivational and uplifting posts. Is that a front? Who knows? I believe everyone is innocent until found guilty in court, and I want to believe that Shawn Rhoden has not done the things he is accused of.

Rhoden was preparing for the 2019 Mr. Olympia, even after being told that he couldn't compete. Perhaps he is so confident that he believes he can be hired again and go on stage. That didn't happen, but we all saw him at the front on the night show Brandon Curry won, and he performed at the show – and even spent some time at the Nick & # 39; s Strength and Power booth, where Shawn was in one Tank top looked like if he could step onto the Olympic stage and go home with his second Sandow.

Who is in his corner

Personally, I'm in the corner of Shawn Rhoden. I want him to be freed from all charges and come out of the courtroom as a free man. The case itself seems to be a little covered up since I haven't heard any updates or details in months. Should anything change in the case, I will definitely write a follow-up article to keep you up to date.

Let us know in the comments what you think Shawn Rhoden will do next. Will he retire from bodybuilding? Are you working on getting hired again? Change organizations? Or have you thought about what to do next? Let us know!

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