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Shawn Ray’s Charitable Spirit

by Christian Duque

A warning label should appear on the contents of RX Muscle: "Do not operate heavy machinery while you are watching." The truth is that the site that Muscular Development used to be on has been very stagnant. The message boards are mostly inactive and the age was not good for Dave, who is now also doing a booming snake business to add to his income. As the once 300 pound monster approaches its golden years, many are wondering what the future will bring.


Fortunately, the network continues to publish good content, thanks in large part to Siddique Farouqi, who runs RX Muscle's New York studios. The site continues to enjoy great success thanks to its past. Many people still swear by the old muscle in the morning, especially the heyday of the program (summer 2014), which was then sponsored by the Ironmag Labs supplemental powerhouse when Johnny produced styles and all Dave had to do was excellent reading the written conversation points that I had written for him apart from that, people still tune in, mostly out of habit. Some want to know what's going on with Lee Priest, whether he's competing in another third-level bodybuilding association, or whether he's adding or removing facts. Others tune in and may do penance to see how much of what Chris Aceto says they can actually understand. The truth is, I sometimes check the competition reporting page and I find that they no longer really cover shows. I miss the old RX, to say the least, and that's why I almost fell off my chair when the IFBB Hall of Famer Shawn "Sugar Shawn" Ray announced that he was doing a program with them. Shawn not only donated his time talking to Dave, but also talked about the Arnold Classic 2020. This one program will surely allow Dave to break it down into several smaller clips and gain considerable relevance, not to mention some additional income ,

Shawn Ray, one of the most popular bodybuilders of the nineties, is a big attraction. He is bullied by screaming fans around the world, and when I clicked the link and actually saw him with Palumbo, I was genuinely upset. If RX had posted it with all the clickbait spread from different sites, I would hardly have clicked. I would have thought what would really happen to me would be a video in which Dave talks about his chocolate bars or how his fiber product would solve the problem of bloated abs during bodybuilding. But when a Shawn superstar releases something, people, including myself, click.

As you may have heard, Shawn is currently leading Digital Muscle, the hugely successful hub that formerly belonged to Dan Solomon. When Dan sold the site to Jake Wood and Wings of Strength, they needed someone big, really big to run it. Shawn was that man. He had done so much to put Generation Iron on the map and really put this operation to the fore, and he had done such a great job with Shawn Ray TV that it was the next logical step. This is why Shawn is attending Mr. Olympia's press conference with Masters Mr. World Robert "Bob" Cicherillo. Shawn is omnipresent today – and in the past he was the most photographed bodybuilder in the history of FLEX Magazine.

That's why I love the holiday season. It is a time to give. There is a lot of charity in the air. Sure, we could sit here and talk about the big names competing at the Arnold Classic 2020, but that would make us just like everyone else. Do we really have to say what a giant Maxx Charles is, how great it is that 9-time Arnold Classic champion Dexter Jackson is at the start, or that Big Ramy comes from Egypt with first place? No, it's so obvious that Phil and Kai will never compete again. The truth is, I would like to write about Shawn's kind act.

I mean, it wasn't long ago that Dave interrupted this historical interview between Shawn and Ahmad Ashkanani. At the time, Shawn was working for Muscular Development and Ahmad was living a dream. You have to understand that there is tremendous support for bodybuilding in Kuwait. Finally, there is the Oxygen Gym. The fact that Ahmad had done so well in America to be interviewed by an IFBB Hall of Famer and for a world-class publication, no less, must have been a great honor. When Dave stopped the greatness of getting an interview for his humble website, it caused excitement. But forget about Dave, imagine that Shawn could leave that bad memory behind and still give Dave the benefits of his presence. I mean it is one thing for Shawn to forgive and forget, but to give his name and image and above all to interact with Palumbo, it is bigger than it is big, it is huge !!

This is something that I hope everyone who reads this article will take this holiday season to heart. Whether you're spending a few hours in the local soup kitchen, donating clothes, or paying up front at Starbucks Drive-Thru, do something charitable this Christmas. You don't have to go to extremes like Shawn, but try to do something nice for others.


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