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Seeking to Have Some Complement Enjoyable This Easter?

by Matt Weik

The holidays are usually a time when people are a little less satisfied with their diet. Delicious desserts and chocolates seem to find their way onto your plate, and before you know it, the scales creep up on you. And when it comes to Easter, this holiday is no exception. You have chocolate eggs, peanut butter eggs, chocolate bunnies, what you call marshmallow peeps. All of them are tasty, but full of unhelpful calories and sugar.


On a positive note, there are supplement companies who want to take advantage of the holiday and the chocolate-covered delicacies. Two in particular have caught my attention – and I'm sure as soon as this is released or when I finish writing, there will be several more similar products on the market for Easter.

Give me chocolate covered everything this Easter

I don't discriminate, I want chocolate for everything on this vacation. And when I say I want chocolate for everything, I'm talking about my supplements. Thanks to grenade and bulk powders, you can get chocolate without all the regret that generally follows.

What is the only memory you have as a child on Easter morning when you were a child? They're probably opening Easter eggs to find out they're full of little chocolate eggs and chocolates, aren't they? Just because you are no longer a child does not mean that tradition has to end.

One of the coolest things I've seen this Easter holiday is a Grenade chocolate-covered grenade. The box not only contains a huge chocolate egg (garnet) with a low sugar content, but also two salted caramel carb killa bars with chocolate chips. The chocolate grenade is no joke – it is 150 g! Each egg contains 750 calories, 54 g fat, 75 g carbohydrates, 9 g sugar and 9 g protein.

Ok, so it's not the healthiest chocolate Easter egg out there, but at least it's low in sugar, isn't it? We have to look at things positively here. But honestly, it's a really cool idea. And although I wouldn't recommend buying boxes of Grenade Carb Killa's low-sugar chocolate egg, buying a case for the nostalgia factor won't kill you. And if you have some self-control, don't eat all the chocolate egg in one session.

Next up are miniature chocolate eggs on the list – similar to what we are used to during the Easter holidays. Well, if you loved them as a kid and felt ashamed of something you thought about stealing some of them from your kids, Bulk Powders covered you.


This Easter, Bulk Powders launched small bags of miniature chocolate protein eggs. While the sugar content is higher than the low-sugar "Grenade" chocolate egg, the mini egg bag contains more protein when you look for it. Each bag of Bulk Powders gives you 309 calories (about half of Grenades chocolate egg), 21 g fat, 15 g carbohydrates, 13 g sugar and 15 g protein. All in all not bad.

The cost of the grenade bundle of the two protein bars and the egg is around $ 10, while the bulk powder bag with miniature chocolate eggs costs just under $ 3.

Are they worth the price?

I can't answer that for you. Everyone looks at the value of objects differently, so I'll just give you my personal answer to the question. I think they are worth it. As I mentioned earlier, this will not be for sale forever as it is a seasonal / holiday product.

With the garnet bundle you get two protein bars and the chocolate grenade. If you break it down, it's about a little over $ 3 per item (not outrageous). I like the idea of ​​functional products and if you have read my content over the years you know that many brands are moving in this direction with their product portfolio to entice new consumers to try them out.

I would even be willing to give my kids some of Bulk Powders' miniature protein chocolate eggs. If you look at the normal chocolate eggs, the profile isn't any better – and it would also give my kids some extra protein (the protein used in the Bulk Powders eggs is whey protein isolate).

If I can get my hands on it, I'll definitely try it out. I like to support brands that think outside the box and have fun with their products. You take the risk of spending the money making a seasonal / holiday product that you may get stuck on and unable to move inventory after the season or holiday ends.

I think something like seasonal protein powders. When they start, buzz and hype surround the product. People go out and buy it because it's something new and exciting. And I see these chocolate protein eggs the same way. Overall, it's fun. You can't help but feel like when you see cool products like these egg white chocolate eggs and your thoughts take you back to your childhood and you can't wait for all the Easter sweets when you wake up at Easter morning or when you go on different Easter egg hunts.

We should welcome and support all brands for going beyond the norm and trying to do something that is fun. Would you buy these products? Let us know in the comments.

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