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Ronnie Coleman Will get Hip Substitute

by Christian Duque

If ever there was an indomitable spirit in bodybuilding, it would be the king, the G.O.A.T., 8x Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman. After eight consecutive wins at Mr. Olympia, Coleman made sure that he returned to a respectable 4th place in 2007 before retiring from active competitions. Even though he left the stage, he never stopped training with the intensity of the best in the world.


His Ronnie Coleman Signature Series supplement line has been launched since then and rolls on tour buses with big followers and a large crowd to the cities of the United States. In terms of the fan base, Coleman's lines have never scored a goal. In terms of fans, Coleman set the standard for dealing with fans. Together with Jay Cutler, The Big Nasty is the champion who ensures that the faithful of the sport are treated with the greatest possible respect. It's not just about gimmicks or a smile for the cameras. The combination of Ronnie's outstanding career, in which he cut his teeth with hard setters over many years before shocking the world and winning Mr. Olympia in 1998, has also given him tremendous respect from his colleagues at the time and from all other epochs ,

That being said, many thought his training was unnecessary as he drove through poundages that were far more powerlifting than bodybuilding. Still, Ronnie did everything his way, and even in his latest documentary "The King," Coleman said that if he could go back in time and do it all over again, he wouldn't change anything.

The fact is that every time a bodybuilder claims to be the strongest, from Johnnie Jackson to Ben White, Coleman felt the need to shock the world, do deadlifts, bench presses, and squats – while preparing for the competition – which leaves people speechless made. This was pre-social media, at a time when supplement companies were still using fake advertising weights and were king when magazines. For people who weren't buying DVDs and / or magazines at the time, it wasn't known how strong Ronnie was. That's why so many people who discovered it today just can't get enough. There was no one like The Big Nasty and there probably won't be.

The truth is, bodybuilding is not about lifting hard. This is a physical exercise, not an energetic one. Boys can achieve incredible muscle density through a combination of healthy eating, sensible exercise, and dietary supplements. Many will claim that large, dense muscles are the result of lifting heavy weights over a long period of time. This theory may or may not be true, but many bodybuilders who look like nails really have a rather average strength. In many ways, it is an illusion and an illusion that is very marketable and very effective when it comes to selling protein powder, training accessories and personal training. Why did Coleman need to lift so much to shock people as much as he did?

The truth is, as I indicated earlier, that social media was only a fraction of what it is today. Ronnie also worked out in a glowing gym in Arlington, TX – he wasn't in Mecca or a hipster fitness club. While some of these elevators may have been recorded on DVDs or selected photo shoots, in most cases this was just Ronnie, Brian Dobson, and maybe 3-5 regular guests at the gym. My point is, Coleman didn't want to shock or even impress anyone. Coleman's roots were in powerlifting and he brought this with him for his bodybuilding career.


Ronnie underwent hip emergency surgery last week. According to his official IG, one of the first things he had in his head after recovery was doing leg presses again. If that doesn't fit the dedication that this legend has for the iron, I don't know what else it does. Some may say that his obsession with iron contradicts any sense of logic, they could call his commitment to training irrational, but what now? This is the life he loves and as long as you live, why not live life on your own terms? The truth is that Ronnie has never left bodybuilding.

The truth is, Ronnie Coleman is bodybuilding.

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