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Ronnie Coleman Blasts As we speak’s Bodybuilders, In contrast To His Day

Ronnie Coleman is arguably the greatest bodybuilder ever. According to him, the athletes who take part in the competitions today have nothing to do with the bodybuilders of his time. Coleman is the one that many consider to be the king of bodybuilding. After winning the Olympia title eight times, he's undoubtedly the most successful. In addition, he has the most competition wins from an IFBB competitor. As a result, many people have looked up to him to make their own bodybuilding dreams come true.

Since retiring in 2009, Coleman has not been at the start for many years. Since then, however, he has earned a permanent place in sports and regularly appears as an ambassador for events. Then he was able to watch the bodybuilders that are starting today with a keen eye.


However, it seems that Ronnie Coleman is unimpressed by today's athletes. In conversation with Valuetainment, he was asked to compare bodybuilders like 2019 Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry and others with the participants of the 90s. He certainly wasn't holding back.

"I don't see it. You wouldn't be in the top 5 (if you started on my day)."

In addition, Coleman said he agreed with Dorian Yates and his recent criticism of curry. What these bodybuilders lack, Ronnie has an easy answer.

“Conditioning is not the same thing. Look at the boys. I mean, nobody looks like he's been on a diet, like a real diet. Nobody looks in shape. You look okay, you know? You put them next to people like me, Flex, Kevin and Shawn, people like that, you're like, "Woah, that's a big difference." You wouldn't hit any of the guys I faced. "


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