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Roelly Winklaar Pulls Out of 2020 Arnold Traditional: What’s His Subsequent Transfer?

by Matt Weik

The 2020 bodybuilding season is underway and there have already been some conversions where bodybuilding fans have dropped their jaws. The first thing I reported was the fact that IFBB Shawn Rhoden's IFBB Pro card had been revoked, notifying him that he would not be able to compete in any IFBB-approved competitions until his case was settled. With this in mind, I can only assume that if he is found guilty, he will never get his IFBB Pro status back. In this article, however, I would like to go into the latest news about Roelly Winklaar's exit from the Arnold Classic 2020.


Roelly Winklaar decides against Arnold Classic

A competitor we know at the Arnold Classic competitions is none other than the beast from Curacao, Roelly Winklaar. He actually won the Arnold Classic Australia in 2018, finished fifth at the Arnold Classic Ohio in 2019 and third at the Arnold Classic Australia in 2019. His decision to sit outside seems an acceptable reason, but many people ask whether it is true and what its next step could be.

Roelly mentioned that he will be leaving Arnold Classic Ohio in 2019 after initially being on the list of competitors. Many also noticed that before his announcement when the list of participants for Arnold Australia came out, his name was not on the list of participants – people were already wondering if something was going on and if he was going to drop out of the classic Arnold Ohio competition ,

His reason to retire was to spend more time with his family. Although I'm sure his rivals are happy to drop him out of the tournament, many fans are wondering if he will be out all 2020 to focus only on the Olympics. After a lackluster fifth place at the 2019 Olympics, Roelly can decide to focus ONLY on preparing for the Olympics to see if he can win his first Sandow.

Since Roelly Winklaar has already qualified for the 2020 Mr. Olympia competition, Roelly really doesn't have to step onto the stage this year unless he wants to collect a paycheck or give his fans the chance to have him in another competition see as once this year. As a fan, I would love to see Roelly on stage. While he usually poses as a guest in Pittsburgh for Jim Manion's show, will Roelly Winklaar perhaps decide to jump on the New York Pro stage and shake things up a bit?

Regardless, we hope that Roelly hides no injury and really wants to spend more time with his family. Over the years we have all learned more and more about Roelly and it is clear that his family means everything to him. It will be exciting to see when he decides to appear on stage in 2020 and what kind of conditioning he will bring. Every year we count on the best Roelly Winklaar that Olympia has ever seen, but every year we see Roelly, who shows a larger than life body that lacks fitness. In 2019, Roelly seemed to be struggling with water retention and was holding a movie almost all over his body. Let us all keep our fingers crossed that this is the year Roelly makes it this year and fights for the Sandow.

The door is wide open

We're a little over a month from Arnold Classic Ohio. For those looking for last minute tickets, this will take place in Columbus, Ohio from March 5-8. If you've never seen an Arnold Classic before, I can tell you firsthand that it is one of the best shows ever and never disappoints from an entertainment standpoint.


If you love supplements, you should have your travel bags ready because the Arnold is THE BEST place to get samples and try new products – HANDS DOWN. After we have been there almost a dozen times, the exhibition space is always full and the night show is always electrifying. Be sure to get your tickets and hotel soon if you are thinking of going to Columbus.

If Roelly Winklaar is out of the picture, it means you have less to worry about. However, if you think that you will enter the show and steal it just because Roelly is not there, think again. The Arnold Classic 2020 lineup is one of the strongest Arnold lineups I've seen in years – yes, even without Roelly Winklaar.

Now that we know Roelly is outside, where's everyone else staying? It is clearly difficult to say that Roelly Winklaar was not among the top 5, which means that there is now a place available for someone. But who?

In the lineup, I can easily see that the top 5 are William Bonac, Big Ramy, Dexter Jackson, Josh Lenartowicz and one of the following players: Steve Kuclo, Victor Martinez, Cedric McMillan and Patrick Moore (if you are not this type know, look out for him).

Obviously, anyone can be defeated on any given day. If someone fails in the slightest during the pre-judge and / or night show, they could be in the top five. On the other hand, someone who comes on the show and spikes their conditioning (someone like Patrick Moore) could easily improve their rankings.

As we approach the show, I'll put together an article with predictions. At the moment (at the time of this writing) there are rumors that Nathan De Asha could possibly enter the Arnold Classic Ohio. I don't see him as a threat to winning the whole show, but it makes the top five a bit more interesting if Nathan can show up in shape. His condition has to be 100% right to stand next to some of the big boys like Ramy. But we need solid confirmation from Nathan to even start this conversation.

What do you think about Roelly Winklaar's withdrawal from Arnold Classic Ohio? Do you think it was for personal (family) reasons or do you think where he was in preparation wasn't looking finished yet and he didn't want to go on stage and didn't look good? Let us know in the comments.

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