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Roelly Winklaar Made The Proper Transfer

by Christian Duque

Some see bodybuilding as a controller game, but I tend to think of it as chess. There is a lot of strategy involved. Some competitors are so obsessed with competition that they burn themselves. Every competition, especially as an IFBB Pro League Pro, guarantees you the best. You are among a few who have struggled through the NPC and NPC Worldwide to receive this coveted card. It's the only card that counts – it's the only card that takes you to Mr. Olympia – the Superbowl of Bodybuilding.


Speaking of the Olympics, that's what every professional wants – they want a sandow for their coat. Don't forget my theory that bodybuilding is more chess than checkers. All competitions are important, but then there are competitions with special meaning, competitions that mean more than a simple W, shows like The Arnold, The NY Pro and The Pittsburgh Pro. In my humble opinion, when a competitor participates in one of these competitions, it is almost as if they are participating in a second Olympia. The competitors will go the extra mile, become hard as nails, they will grapple with every pose of prejudice, they will make it tight for the night show, usually find a perfect pose routine and just pray to God.It is their name that is named as the winner becomes. Well, with that said, a two-time climax – at that level – can hinder almost any champion. How many Mr. Olympia winners did The Olympia and The Arnold win in the same year? Ronnie Coleman, Dexter Jackson, Brandon Curry and maybe that too. It's rare, very rare, it's almost crazy to try on purpose!

When Dexter and Brandon won Arnold, they were top bodybuilders, but not Mr. Olympias. Ronnie, who was an incumbent Mr. O, went to Columbus and won, but almost lost this year's Olympics against Jay Cutler (who defeated him by prejudice). How many Arnold Classics did Ronnie make after 2001? None. You can call it coincidence or pragmatism, but you don't play that way in bodybuilding. This is chess, NOT a lady!

After last year's Olympics, Roelly must have sat in his camp and thought about the future. So many people comforted him – whether journalists writing articles or making videos or fans online – but did he do it badly? The guy has the top 5! How long has this been going badly? That being said, he finished 5th after winning The People’s Champion Award. He finished 5th, a year after his most outstanding appearance so far. He finished fifth when fans around the world wanted him to win. While Hadi (Choopan) may have thrilled the audience and social media by actually getting a visa, attended the Open, and GNARLY and FREAKY, watching people in the seats and at home – they wanted Roelly. He is almost like a modern Markus Ruhl with a WEG-better aesthetic and very real chances of winning. People are drawn to him, they identify with him, they want him to be the best!

I have no doubt that Roelly's decision to skip The Arnold will have an undeniable impact on The Arnold's business. Even with Big Ramy in the mix, for his very first Arnold, I think that won't make up for it. Still, I think Roelly is taking the right step. If he had made the Arnold and got in 100%, would he have defeated Bonac? I think that's definitely conceivable. Finally, Bonac is the favorite, and if Roelly could have beaten him, he could have beaten everyone else. But what then? He would have to peak again in six months. Isn't that impossible! Bonac will make it, but Bonac also finished second in Columbus and Vegas last year. Roelly, on the other hand, may take a little break and some time to concentrate. And even if he doesn't need it, there is no question that he will benefit from it.

This is a chess game, guys. Most players competing in Columbus have no other off-season between this and the Olympic season. Not only can you let go, you can't stay in competition form for half a year. Many will go on tour and / or continue to hold competitions until they either win a qualification or have enough points to reach the biggest stage of the sport. This is not only emotionally demanding, but also very stressful for the body.


On the other hand, people like Brandon and Roelly had time to prepare all year round. Besides, Roelly will not have Brandon, and that's peace and quiet. Whoever wins the Arnold, and maybe even his top 5, will be in the media for the next 2-3 months. In addition, all eyes will continue to be on Brandon. You are on him as we speak. Wherever he goes, whatever he says, he will always be in the spotlight. It's just part of being Mr. Olympia.

For the first time in A LONG time, Roelly will be able to prepare under the radar. He will by no means be ignored, but he will also be left alone to create the most stunning look of his entire career !!

All in all, I think we will see the best Roelly Winklaar so far at Mr. Olympia 2020.

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