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Protein Powder and Bars Are Good to Have on Hand in an Emergency

by Matt Weik

Do you have the things you need to survive a few days (maybe even a month) in an emergency like a blackout, a thunderstorm that turns off the power, etc.? Personally, I'm not one of those people who buy everything and everyone they can find and think it's a doomsday scenario. I plan and have all my preparations early. No, I'm not a crazy prepper with a bunker and a bug-out location somewhere in the forest.


But I plan ahead with certain supplies that my family and family may need if something should happen – within reason and without going overboard. With this in mind, I would like to give you one of my most important tips on how you cannot panic in difficult times when it comes to nutrition and finding “food”. My secret? Protein powder and bars. That's no joke. Listen…

Protein powder and bars are perfect

I want to start with the fact that you don't have to wake up terribly every day as if the world is going to end. We cannot live in fear that something bad will happen. The main thing everyone should think about is what you can do to prevent panic and how it would affect you.

In times of panic, food is always a priority and people rush to the shops to buy their milk, bread and eggs as if it makes any sense. Let's buy a crappy carbohydrate source and items that can go bad pretty quickly. Think about it. Even if you get a gallon of milk, how long will it take for you and your family? Not long, right? Why is that a focus unless you have a baby or child? It shouldn't be … that's the answer.

You want to search for things that you can buy in bulk and that take several months – if not longer. As you can see from the title of this article, I am a big fan of protein powder and bars that I can stock up on. Of course, I don't buy them and hear them in my basement as if they were some kind of safe space during a disaster, but I fill them up and use them as usual. The only difference would be that I rotate my inventory and inventory during the run – much like a retailer would.

It is always a good idea to always have about 10 pounds of protein powder with you. Personally, I prefer even more because I love the fact that the expiration is usually more than a year after the production date. So if you keep changing your inventory, it means that you should have at least one tub of protein powder with a one-year dating (not that it should last that long when you use it).

Buy extra as the shipments may stop

Suppliers and nutritional supplement / nutrition stores were lucky during the coronavirus pandemic when they were considered "essential" companies and were allowed to remain open and operational. However, this may not always be the case. While you might have ordered from an online retailer or gone to your local store, bottlenecks could occur, carriers could have delays, and inventory could be wiped out.


Plan ahead and if you know you need your favorite peanut butter protein powder, just save yourself the hassle and buy two at a time to have one as a backup if needed. You know you will use it before it gets bad anyway.

Let us summarize

As an example, I'm going to use the vanilla-flavored MET-Rx Ultramyosyn Whey Protein Powder, since I've known the profile of the product from work for the brand for almost a decade. Using this product as an example, for a 5-pound tub of protein powder you will see almost 75 servings, 120 calories, 2 g fat, 4 g carbohydrates and 22 g protein. Essentially, you have 75 "meals" from just that tub of protein. A tub of the MET-Rx Ultramyosyn Whey Protein Powder (5-pound tub) costs about $ 41 (or about $ 0.55 per serving). Tell me where can you get 22 g of protein for less than a dollar?

You can also look at protein bars for your preparation if you prefer to "eat" your calories rather than drink them. Protein bars (depending on the type) tend to have a shorter date than a protein powder. This is fine if you plan to consume them within a few months of your purchase. That being said, I would stay away from protein bars or food bars that need to be refrigerated. I'm not saying that we should be afraid of a power outage, but should we lose power (an act of God, terror, or even a snowstorm that turns the power off), you don't want to open your fridge to grab protein bars. Buy the shelf-stable variety and keep it in a cool and dry place in your home.

Or be creative and enjoy the best of both worlds. You can easily take your protein powder and combine it with peanut butter, oats and some honey to make your own homemade protein bars that are stable in storage.

Why am I focusing on protein and protein powder?

Protein naturally helps with satiety. And when things go south and you are forced to stay in your house for some time, you want something that helps you stay full so you don't crave food all day. Keep protein and protein powder full. When you use a casein powder or mixture that contains casein, you have a slower digestible protein source than a quick-digestible form like a whey isolate.

If you want to maintain your strength (extremely important), you should also focus on maintaining your muscle mass. Holding on to your muscles also helps keep your metabolism healthy so you don't pack on those extra pounds that can affect your energy level. There is no reason why you cannot exercise at home to exercise and then use a protein shake to relax. If you get stuck, training at home will also help you pass the time. It can get incredibly boring if you confine yourself to your home and your excitement for the day causes you to "visit" every room in your house as if you are pretending to be new somewhere.

In the end, it is a good idea to buy some products in bulk if you know you will be using them and they have a long lifespan. Protein powder and bars are not only always at hand, but especially in times of crisis. Plan ahead or wait in long lines with all the other people who haven't had a game plan and aren't prepared. You will thank me later.

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